Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Episode 7 – Operation: Damocles

Project: Damocles is almost complete, and only the Agents of Mayhem can stop Dr. Babylon from changing all of reality. The mad scientist is preparing to capture a giant dark matter crystal, able to warp time and space. Driven mad with power, Dr. Babylon is willing to destroy everything to create a universe without Mayhem.

The final episode is especially long, and features four missions instead of the standard three. You’ll also have to deal with multiple bosses before facing down Dr. Babylon himself. Your team is more important than ever, and a weak selection will ruin any chance at victory. Check out the full walkthrough for the last chapter below, and see what it takes to dismantle LEGION’s Ministry of Pride.

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Episode 7 – Operation: Damocles


Finally, Mayhem is going after the big boss himself, Dr. Babylon. The mad scientist is working on something called “Project Damocles” and stopping him is suddenly Mayhem’s first priority.

Mission: Sleeping Giant

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Hollywood, Braddock, Daisy
  • Requirement: Shieldbuster (Anti-shield)

Sounds like Gremlin is okay! Not only that, but she’s aware of a secret project. Return to the Red Queen’s Lair at the planetarium – it’s time to learn more about that giant robot prototype. Gremlin has visions of one just like it – only with legs. Back in the arena, hack the computer and fight the incoming LEGION reinforcements. There are two waves; Helltroopers, Blitztroopers, Tanktroopers, and Commanders will join in on the fun.

Follow the next objectives; open the massive door to find it’s empty, but investigate the hatch to learn that there’s a tunnel straight to the Ancestral Temple. Continue to investigate through the now-unlocked side-door, there’s a quick exit back topside. Time to take a trip to the Ancestral Temple.

Blast the generators and explode all the caches with Hollywood’s grenade special.

At the temple, LEGION will ambush you! Shocktroopers and Blitztroopers are in the entrance area. Use Daisy (or any other shieldbuster) to destroy the generators. Make sure those shieldbusters don’t die! They’re required to smash the generators.

Inside the temple interior, you’ll find a LEGION garrison. These guys are everywhere, so you’ll need to smash their weapons caches and vehicles. Weapon caches are on the left, vehicles on the right. Use your scanner to find more, and continue along the outer walls to find tons more. Destroy the drill machines too – the drills will spawn new Helltroopers, Bufftroopers and Blitztroopers.

The Pride Bot Captain at the end doesn’t mess around. Defeat the Snipetroopers first or you’ll eat dirt.

Hollywood’s grenade special is extremely good against objects. Watch out for the turrets on the right side of the temple – take them out one-by-one with Braddock’s AP Rounds. When both stockpiles are destroyed, move to the center to destroy the network infrastructure. There are two powerful turrets in the center – use the structure in the center to separate them and destroy each solo.

When the network devices are destroyed, you’ll need to clear out the Pride Bot Captain. Clear out the Snipetroopers before attempting to assault his balcony. He’s a tough bot – use your Mayhem abilities when the rest of his helpers are defeated, and watch out for his sniper-like attacks and stunning abilities. Smash the robot, and interact with the large drum to learn about the Damocles robot.

Ariadne is betraying Babylon, and she’s wrestled control of the massive walking machine away from her former boss. What a twist!

Destroy the LEGION junk on the wall to the Seoul defense war.

Mission: Hunter Hunted

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Hollywood, Braddock, Daisy

The ARK is under attack! LEGION is everywhere in Seoul now, and troopers are walking the streets while enemy cars ram you. Boost to the outer wall waypoint – hack the drop pod launcher and detroy the mounted power conduits, then move on to the LEGION forward base.

The base is dangerous. Don’t get hit by the Ice Barrage Cannons – instead of attacking from the front, sneak around to the back and start from the top, then work your way down. The pair of Snipetroopers on the towers can easily kill your agents, so smash the Ice Cannons first.

At the next base, you’ll need to hack the Drop Pod Launcher before you can attempt to hack the hover platform. There are too many incoming enemies, and you need to stop the tide. Wipe as many as you can out, hack / destroy the pod launcher, then finally hack the platform control.

The wall interior zone is pretty deadly. Destroy the turrets first — Hollywood’s rifle is good at knocking plasma balls off-course.

Up on the wall, fight to the wall defense control room – the area features two powerful turrets. Use Hollywood or Braddock to wipe out the turrets from afar, and shoot down the plasma balls before they get too close. The turrets are the most dangerous enemies here, so getting rid of them should be first priority.

When the turrets are down, destroy the three security terminals, defeat the Tanktrooper that appears, and use the final terminal to save the ARK. Time to hunt down Dr. Babylon – he’s found Damocles’ control room, but the Agents of Mayhem can still end his reign of terror is Seoul.

Mission: Two Birds

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Hollywood, Braddock, Daisy

For this mission, instead of Gremlin Tech, you have access to the Seoul Wall Defense System – that means you get an infinite supply of artillery to call down on LEGION bases! Give it a try at the first emplacement ahead. Continue to the TTX lift to reach the upper levels – the whole area is swarming with LEGION, but they won’t give you trouble until you reach the upper platform.

Make good use of the artillery barrage GREMLIN tech you get for free in this mission. It’s endless!

At the top of the lift, you’ll find Snipetroopers and Ice Barrage Cannons. That’s a deadly combination – use the Defense Wall power to destroy the first nearby barrage cannon, then wait in cover until it recharges. Target the second cannon – you’ll need to fight through an army of LEGION to reach it. There are way too many to handle alone, so drop more Defense Wall artillery on the Shocktrooper / Tanktrooper combo.

The lift console will take you up to the third level of the TTX. Drop another barrage on the Golem in the centerl, and plow through every type of LEGION soldier trying to stop you. At the next console, blast the Pride Bot Captain and the Bufftrooper to clear out the terminal. Ride yet another floating platform to reach the top tier of the TTX.

Use the flying platform to reach each tower and blast the shield generators. Artillery is pretty good at that.

The Damocles control room is just ahead! But, the Snipetroopers at the garrison make it tough to survive for long. Drop artillery on the snipers, and avoid the area directly under the shield – the devices will drop plasma bombs from above. When it’s (sort of) clear, ride a floating platform. Any of them will begin to take you up toward the shield generators. Use the artillery on each platform!

Complete the hack to eject Dr. Babylon from the control room. Mayhem uses the defenses to destroy the control room, disabling Damocles – he’s thwarted! Or is he?

Mission: Fall of Babylon

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Hollywood, Braddock, Daisy

Dr. Babylon is piloting Damocles – capturing the crystal – only to find himself at the whim of Ariadne. It was a trap. Dr. Babylon’s mind is stolen by Ariadne, and that makes him instantly insane. Rather than serve LEGION and the Morningstar, he’s ready to use his powers to distort reality itself.

You’re in Dr. Babylon’s world now.

Drop down to the streets and grab an Agency vehicle. Dark matter tears are opening throughout the city. Avoid the blasts of lightning and follow the path to enter the reality rift! Yeah, sounds like a great idea. The inside is pretty messed up – chunks of Seoul are floating in a void, while Dr. Babylon’s Damocles robot watches the area.

Move to the first waypoint and deal with the first waves of LEGION soldiers. Dr. Babylon summons an upgrade space laser weapon from the sky. Dodge around the blasts and keep moving! You won’t have to fight too many enemies at once. Not yet anyway.

Babylon will continue to launch random space laser strikes while you fight through each arena.

Each arena is separated by a dream portal. Bounce inside to face a different swarm of enemies. The second arena includes Snipetroopers, so go after those killer enemies first. In the third arena, wipe out the SnipeTroopers and Bufftroopers before dealing with the Tanktroopers. It’s a long fight, but don’t forget all the free Artillery Gremlin Tech you earned from the previous mission.

Enter the final portal to enter the Damocles interior. Inside, Dr. Babylon will appear and summon his followers. August Gaunt and Hammersmith are first.

Babylon sends all his former lieutenants to fight you in pairs.

BOSS: August Gaunt & Hammersmith

These enemies fight just like you remember them. Hammersmith launches barrages of explosives and charges a devastating beam. Hide behind cover and don’t let Gaunt get close. Pick them both off from afar – when you defeat one, they will always drop a Mayhem token to revive your teammates. Gaunt also likes to launch barrages of debuff / slow bombs. If you get close to Gaunt, he unleashes a blast of enemy. Use Braddock or Hollywood to pelt them with AP Round / grenades at range.

BOSS: Red Aisha & Steeltoe

Steeltoe is the tougher of the pair. Use Daisy to drain Red Aisha’s shields, then grind her armor down with AP Rounds. The same trick will work on Steeltoe, just don’t let him catch you in his explosive (slow) affecting energy orbs.

Doctor Babylon turns into a giant, flying super-powered wizard, throwing magic spells like crazy.

Boss: Dr. Babylon

Finally, it’s time to fight Dr. Babylon. He flies around the arena, teleporting and launching swarms of explosive blasts. Dodge behind pillars and drain his shields – he’ll send Ariadne toward you. Wait near the dark crystal, and lure her into an attack. Remember the Ariadne fight? You need to trick her into using her lunge attack on the crystal.

Hide behind the crystal, and dodge when she attempts to self-destruct. The explosion will crack the crystal and summon Babylon all over again. AP Rounds will devastate his armor – weave around the central crystal to completely avoid his new, massive crimson energy powers.

Save your Mayhem powers for the final portion of the fight. Babylon has an insane amount of HP, and only your Mayhem powers can deliver significant damage. Unleash all three at this point – when he’s down, smash the crystal to complete the game.

The team finally defeats Dr. Babylon. Morningstar sends his agent to collect the failed Doctor, dragging him away to an unfortunate fate while the heroes of Mayhem leave for another adventure.

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