Agents of Mayhem: How to Get Cash & Upgrade Cores Fast | Farming Guide

It costs lots of money to upgrade the ARK, your Agents of Mayhem home base in the sky, and cash doesn’t come easily. You’ll get a few thousand for completing each mission, but when you need 100k for a single upgrade, you’ll be stuck choosing only the essential ARK enhancements. There are ways to increase your in-game earning, and we’re going to discuss how to get fast cash the easiest way possible.

Along with fash cash, we’ll also talk about Upgrade Cores. These powerful (and rare!) items are unlocked every time you find 10 shards in the environment. That’s a time-consuming process, and as you earn new features in the ARK, you can start to farm Upgrade Cores much faster to get the powers you want for each hero. You’ll also get a whole bunch of cash. Here are the best ways to earn both in Agents of Mayhem.

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How to Get Cash & Upgrade Cores Fast


Cash and Upgrade Cores are two of the most important resources in Agents of Mayhem.

  • Cash is used to craft Gremlin Tech (R&D) or to upgrade the ARK. Upgrading the ARK unlocks enhancements to gameplay — faster Agency Car boost generation, decreased dash / smokescreen cooldown, and much more.
  • Core Upgrades enhance agents. Each agent has 3 core upgrades that unlock new, powerful abilities. Often, you’ll find more powerful versions of Mayhem attacks.

Basically, you’ll want to get lots of Core Upgrades and cash. Cash trickles in slowly from killing enemies and completing missions, and Core Upgrades are earned by exploring Seoul and collecting 10 shards. Both can be a slow process, so if you want to speed things up, try these simple tactics.

How To Earn Cash Faster:

Earning an hourly income will rapidly enhance your cash-earning potential in Agents of Mayhem, and the earlier you increase your cash flow, the better.

To start earning that income, enter Seoul and look for the Relic’s Trading Company missions. Complete LEGION Outposts to find these tasks marked on your map — there are 4 Relic’s Trading Company quests in Seoul, and the more of these you complete, the more income you’ll earn.

  • How To Increase Income: Requisitions unlocks at ARK Level 6. Access the “Upgrade Agency” -> Purchase “Madigan Bank Investment Portfolio” to increase your hourly income. The upgrade costs $22,000.

When you start a Relic’s Trading Company quest, LEGION troops will swarm the area. Stay in the circle and hold them off for the allotted time, then defeat the Squad Leader that appears to finish the quest and make the remaining LEGION troops back off. The first Relic’s Trading Company you unlock will earn you $180 per minute, and the more you unlock, the more you’ll earn. Just leave the game on and let the cash flow into your coffers. 

  • NOTE: You won’t be able to collect income until you reach Agency Level 7.

How To Earn Upgrade Cores Faster:

Upgrade Cores are one of the best ways to enhance your favorite agents fast. There are two useful upgrades in the ARK that will make earning Upgrade Cores way easier.

  1. Complete Wreck Room challenges with Upgrade Core rewards.
    • New Wreck Room challenges will appear periodically as the Agency is leveled up.
    • These aren’t very difficult, and many of them will get you an Upgrade Core with very little effort.
    • The Wreck Room unlocks at Agency Level 6.
  2. Purchase the “Dark Matter Resonance Detector” Agency Upgrade at Requisitions.
    • This upgrade allows you to locate crystal shards with your scanner.
    • Purchase “Retro Extendable Antenna” to increase scan range, too.
    • The crystal scanner upgrade is unlocked at Agency Level 18.

Wreck Room challenges, even if they don’t reward a full Upgrade Core, will almost always give you additional Crystal Shards for completing them. You can bring your favorite squad too. Don’t forget to raid LEGION lairs to get special items you can equip to your gadgets for even more enhancements, making these fights much easier.