Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Episode 4 – Operation: Machine Man

Things are about to get weird. In the fourth episode of Agents of Mayhem, the team faces off against the mechanically-addicted Steeltoe, a man always looking for his next upgrade.

Instead of stopping an evil plot to destroy the city, the agents are really only here to bust up a particularly strange tryst — Steeltoe wants to marry Red Aisha, a holographic K-Pop AI construct, and combine his consciousness with her’s. Apparently, that’s the fastest way to ultimate power.

At this point in the plot, the final unlockable character becomes available. Finishing Agent Missions isn’t just to help earn extra XP, you can also make special team-up missions available. For instance, if you finish Hollywood, Fortune and  Hardtack’s agent missions, you’ll be able to play as a special mission with the Franchise Force. It leads to new, exclusive skins.

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Episode 4 – Operation: Machine Man


After this episode, every single Agent Mission is available – you should have all 12 agents, including Scheherazade. Make sure to retake any outposts you’ve lost too, and collect any cash you’re owned before deploying into the field and taking on Steeltoe.

NOTE: At this point in the story, it’s always good to have three types of specialization on your team; anti-armor, anti-shield, and Master Programmer. The Master Programmers (Yeti, Joule, and Fortune) are the only characters that can hack hard-level terminals.

Mission: Cybersleuth

  • Recommended Difficulty: 7 – Agent of the Week
  • Recommended Team: Yeti, Braddock, Joule

Time to begin an Agency investigation into Steeltoe, the technology-addicted weirdo that works for Babylon. Drive down to the shipping depot and use your scanner to find Steeltoe’s container in the stacks – it’s locked down with a special LEGION device. Blast it to investigate. The area is lightly guarded by a few Helltroopers, which isn’t much.

At the warehouse, clear out the Helltroopers and Blitztroopers, then hack the terminal in the second floor office. It looks like Steeltoe is planning on interrupting Mayhem’s networks. It’s pretty far off, so leave the warehouse and summon up a car to drive the rest of the way. Naturally, there’s a lair at the waypoint – scan, hack and ride the lift down.

The terminal with Steeltoe’s shipping records is in the second floor office.

Inside the data center, hack all the computers in the second room and be prepared for waves of enemies. Helltroopers are first, and don’t forget that Joule / Yeti can bypass the hacks inbetween ambushes. The second wave includes Bufftroopers and Blitztroopers. The third wave is all Swarmtroopers and a Shocktrooper.

Steeltoe isn’t alone. He’s with another voice – Red Aisha? So, who exactly is that? After four hacks, you’ll encounter a new enemy.

Tanktroopers launch sustained beams of energy, or aim their weapon to the ground and randomly generate plasma explosions. Aim for the exposed energy core on the Tanktrooper!

NEW ENEMY: Tanktrooper – These heavy troops are like Shocktroopers with guns. They can plow through your agents with a deadly beam. The trajectory appears as a red line on the ground. Avoid that area-of-effect! They’re typically armored, so use Braddock or other anti-armor heroes to remove their yellow health bar.

In the following room, grab the video to watch Steeltoe kissing with his lady friend on a computer screen. Now that’s suspicious! But, whatever, the base is exploding so it’s time to get out of there.

Mission: Corporate Welfare

  • Recommended Difficulty: 8 – Agent of the Month
  • Recommended Team: Scheherazade, Braddock, Joule

Start this mission to learn more about Steeltoe’s plans – in a colorful, cartoon animal commercial. A company in Seoul is creating a weird device to link your brain to an AI – it’s basically supposed to be the “singularity” – becoming one with technology, or something! Whatever, just go to Steeltoe’s last location and we’ll worry about the cartoon cats trying to sell singularity devices later.

Go to each of the shield generators on the rooftops and destroy them. Watch out for Snipetroopers!

At the company, LEGION is dug in deep. Use Scheherazade to peg the snipers with her teleport-melee and slice them up at close-range. They’re the biggest problems in the area. Take care of the Snipetroopers first before approaching the shields. When they’re done, follow the beams to two shield generators on the office rooftops – each is guarded by plenty of LEGION and a Tanktrooper.

When both shields are down, enter the building second floor and scan to find a secret lift down to the basement lab. In the weird brain room, you’ll have a huge battle to complete – it starts simple, with Helltroopers and Swarmtroopers, but you’ll quickly begin to face Blitztroopers, Shocktroopers and Bufftroopers. Always, always kill those Bufftroopers first. Recognize them by the sudden invincibility shields on enemies.

Red Aisha isn’t a regular AI. She’s a K-Pop holographic super-star, and she’s in love with Steeltoe (?).

Steeltoe’s plan is… he’s going to marry Red Aisha, a computer AI programmed to be affectionate. What is her true potential? I have no idea, but Steeltoe wants to marry her, and I guess that means Mayhem needs to ruin the festivities.

Mission: Press X To Object

  • Recommended Difficulty: 8 – Agent of the Month
  • Recommended Team: Scheherazade, Braddock, Joule

Agents of Mayhem become extreme wedding crashers in the last mission of the episode. Time to face off against Steeltoe! If those two robotic, technological love-birds combine minds, they’ll be completely unstoppable.

The wedding barge. It’s going to be quite the shindig.

Take a trip over to the construction hovercraft and take a ride to Steeltoe’s massive wedding barge. It’s a huge LEGION craft that appears over the skies of Seoul. When the hovercraft pulls up to a tall building, jump onto the construction and climb to the roof – there’s an ambush waiting for you. Helltroopers, Snipetroopers and Bufftroopers. Swarmtroopers, Tanktroopers and Shocktroopers join in last. These titanic foes are a challenge, so save Mayhem abilities for the end. One of each will appear – defeat them and the shield generator can be destroyed.

Jump onto the wedding barge and enter through the door to reach the giant ship’s rooftop. There’s a whole wedding reception waiting at the top! Cake and everything!

Red Aisha and Steeltoe work together in this boss battle.

BOSS: Steeltoe

The nefarious Steeltoe is waiting at the top of the barge, and he places an invincible shield around his digital love, Red Aisha. Start with Steeltoe – swap to Joule to drain his shields, then to Braddock’s AP Rounds to tear apart his armor. Avoid using close-range characters, Steeltoe has a powerful energy attack in melee range.

Steeltoe’s arena has plenty of cover, but it is dangerous. Energy fields pop up around the perimeter with a slowing effect on your heroes. His grenade rounds explode and leave behind energy balls that lockdown your abilities. He’ll also launch standard green missile swarms like Shocktroopers and other boss enemies. Destroy the armor to reach phase 2.

Phase 2: After destroying Steeltoe’s armor, he’ll join Red Aisha on a flying platform and summon groups of soldiers into the area. Destroy the invincibility shield generator in the center of the room – where the cake was hiding it – and the enemies will become vulnerable. Kill them all to enter the real fight.

When Steeltoe grows, destroy the five Red Aisha projectors to weaken him.

Phase 3: This is when things get tough. Aisha splits into five projector towers and enhances Steeltoe, turning him into a giant death machine. He fires tracking missiles at long-range, and stalks the agents while invulnerable, leaping and slamming the ground with a powerful explosive blast. Keep away from him and target the five K-Pop towers!

Take out the towers with AP Rounds, then drop Braddock’s space laser artillery on his head. Dodge when he’s about to jump, and keep shooting. When the towers are destroyed, you can defeat Steeltoe once and for all.

That doesn’t make Red Aisha happy through. She self-destructs and destroys the barge. Sprint and jump off to escape, and you’ll complete another episode.

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