Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Special Episode – Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja

The last agent you can unlock in Agents of Mayhem is one of the most unique. Instead of using a big gun like everyone else, Scheherazade is a ninja and uses a three-string combo sword to cut down enemies. When aiming, she throws daggers, and her melee throws a teleporting sword that instantly transmits Scheherazade to the targeted enemy’s location.

Combine that with her blinding explosive and invisibility powers, including a stealth Mayhem skill, and Scheherazade becomes a very different sort of character. She doesn’t have super-high health or shields, and if you don’t play smart, she can get squished fast. But, there’s no better character to play when you want to slice through a bunch of LEGION goons.

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Special Episode – Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja


Before continuing the hunt for Dr. Babylon’s vile lieutenants, you’ll need to collect the final Agency hero – Scheherazade. The stealthy ninja is the last possible agent you’ll unlock. If you still have agent missions to complete in the mission menu, I suggest doing those now. There’s no reason not to have all 12 agents unlocked and ready to use at this point in the story.

Mission – Special Investigation: Scheherazade

  • Recommended Difficulty: 8 – Agent of the Month
  • Recommended Team: Rama, Hollywood, Hardtack

To kick this mission off, destroy the marked Ice Barrage Cannon. These things are an annoyance when traveling around the city of Seoul, and you’ve probably already encountered one before. There’s no trick to destroying them, just unleash a grenade or charged bow blast to destroy it quickly and move on.

The next location is pretty much the same deal – smash the LEGION missile. This one is even easier to destroy. The third stop is essentially trivial with Rama – from across the park, snipe the pair of surveillance antennae and this mission is over. That was quick. Enjoy three free easy gadgets.

Close these weird glowing portals. Only Scheherazade can save this universe! No, we don’t know why.

Mission – Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja

Jump into the next mission to play as Scheherazade – she’s a ninja with many, many stories to tell. Let’s examine her abilities, and what makes her so special.

NEW AGENT: Scheherazade

  • Weapon: Instead of a gun, Scheherazade uses a sword that she can chain into a three-hit combo. When using the sword, she zips to the closest enemy.
  • Special: For her special, she uses explosive knives that blind any enemies in the blast radius. Pretty goon for temporarily stunning goons.
  • Mayhem: This enhanced invisibility allows Scheherazade to attack, even while invisible. Stealth attacks do additional damage, and kills buff Scheherazade with a stack of empowerment.
  • Traversal: Like Rama, Scheherazade uses smokescreen and a wall-climb for traversal.

Specialization: Scheherazade is deadlier when attacking debuffed enemies, and cuts through armor like butter. She can also throw her sword and teleport straight to her enemies with melee.

Sprint to the disturbance with Scheherazade to get some first-hand experience with her unique playstyle. No one else is quite like her. She’s the only melee-focused Agent – she can use her standard melee attack to teleport to enemies, or jump-attack (or aim) to throw daggers at range.

Press [Melee] to throw Scheherazade’s sword and instantly teleport to the targeted enemy. Great for dealing with Snipetroopers.
Helltroopers, Swarmtroopers and Blitztroopers will spawn into the mall area. Use Scheherazade’s melee-attack to teleport to each group, or turn invisible while approaching. Don’t forget about the short-term cloaking, it’ll help Scheherazade survive as she runs around, slicing and dicing LEGION goons. Scanning the rift will call in a second group of goons, with Bufftroopers in tow. Make use of your blinding special to stun groups you aren’t busy slicing up.

The second site is guarded by Snipetroopers. Use Scheherazade’s melee-attack to instantly teleport to their location or use smoke to stealth toward them. When you’re close, her swords tear through the snipers like tissue paper. When the reinforcements are down, scan the area and use your melee-teleport to reach the construction hovercraft with the rift. You’ll have to deal with some close-range Swarmtroopers and Blitztroopers before you can close the rift.

That’s another mission done. Completing it unlocks Scheherazade permanently. You can now start Episode 4 and begin the hunt for Steeltoe.

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