Shadow of The Tomb Raider May be Unveiled at Gamescom

The anticipation for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara’s next outing in the rebooted IP, remains as strong as ever. It started with a leak on that infamous Montreal subway, and June’s exciting promo art only added fuel to the fire.

Now as Gamescom approaches, fans have even more cause to celebrate. The official Tomb Raider Instagram account posted a screenshot of Lara “looking for what’s to come”, hinting at the possibility Square Enix will officially be revealing Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the five day gaming marathon.

A follow-up post revealed that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be releasing as an Xbox One X enhanced title on November 7. Apart from 4K graphics, the update brings technical improvements (increased shadow details, new volumetric lights, and superior reflections) and three different visual modes. Players who already own Rise of the Tomb Raider will have access to the enhanced version as a free update. Check out the new trailer below: