Shadow of The Tomb Raider Confirmed By Leaked Art

We didn’t get any updates on Shadow of the Tomb Raider at E3, but it’s not all doom and gloom. NeoGAF user NeoRaider spotted some game logos and key art up on the website of Takeoff Creative USA, a marketing agency that works with video games. Fortunately, NeoRaider managed to take some screenshots of the promotional art before the website went down (it says it’s ‘under maintenance’). Aside from various stylistic representations of the logo, the comic stills show Lara with all her key equipment: bow and arrow, rope, combat knife and there’s even a molotov cocktail in there. The symbols on the wall suggest a new setting for the game, too. Different online sources have guessed at Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec settings, but nothing’s set in stone—except the symbols.

Previous rumours hinted that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be coming out next year, which if true, will coincide with the release of the film.