Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Special Episode – Operation: The Morning After

One more hero joins the Agents of Mayhem team in Operation: The Morning After. This unmissable operation unlocks right after Episode 2, and you’ll need to complete it to continue the story proper. Here, we’ll join hard-drinking, hard-fighting skater-gal Daisy as she tries to retrace her steps and locate the evil Gaunt’s last known rave.

Gaunt is up to something evil. As one of Dr. Babylon’s lieutenants, he has his own plans to take over Seoul and only the Agents of Mayhem can bring an end to his stupid haircut and garbage boy-band wannabe pop music. Daisy’s giant minigun does the trick when it comes to clearing bad guys, and she’s even more powerful when you’re constantly on the move.

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Special Episode – Operation: The Morning After


LEGION is on the attack, and only one new shield-busting agent can help. For this pair of required missions, we’ll first investigate Daisy, then play as her for a full unlock.

Mission – Special Investigation: Daisy

  • Recommended Difficulty: 6 – Super Agent
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Rama, Red Card

The mission starts with your team destroying a LEGION supply vehicle. It’s on the move, and it is heavy. To make smashing it easier, unlock the Boost Enhancement at the Agency Upgrade terminal, and select a heavier truck as your default Agency vehicle.

Next, it’s off to stop the giant Dark Energy drills burrowing deep under Seoul. These evil pollution devices will turn the city into a slurry of dark energy sludge, so you’ll need to hack all three consoles. Rama is especially good here – she can turn invisible and bypass hacks. If you don’t bring Rama, wipe out the incoming Swarmtroopers before attempting to hack.

Pride Captains come in multiple robotic configurations.

When the doomsday devices are destroyed, LEGION will retake the origin, first Outpost Mayhem captured at the start of the game. It’s nearby, so scan and use an elevator to retake it. You know what to do – blast LEGION objects until the meter is full, then hack the antennae in the center to clear the place.

NEW ENEMY: Pride Robot – Powerful Pride Captains are enhanced robots with tracking missile swarms and an energy beam emitter for a face. One will appear after filling the outpost destruction quota. The bots have rechargeable shields and high health.

You can skip this new enemy encounter entirely – immediately hack the antennae when it appears. Use Rama, turn invisible, and voila! Mission over.

Mission – Special Investigation: Daisy (Continued)

  • Recommended Difficulty: 7 – Agent of the Week
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Rama, Red Card

To find Daisy and bring her back to the team, you’ll need to wipe out some LEGION patrols. Drive to both patrols, take them down, then go to the third location and rescue the hostage. Don’t open fire! Us Rama to sneak close and shield the hostage before anyone starts shooting. Enemies can destroy the bombs too.

Mission – The Morning After

Slagbots are the only dangerous opponents you’ll face in the underground robo-fighting ring.

Daisy is the newest agent to join the MAYHEM cause, and she’s one tough, minigun-wielding soldier. For this mission, we’ll retrace her steps to help track down one of Dr. Babylon’s underlings – Gaunt.


  • Weapon: Daisy is armed with a massive minigun. It isn’t exactly accurate, but it spews a whole lot of lead. No need to reload, but you will need to watch the heat meter.
  • Special: Instead of a special weapon, Daisy’s special buffs her – it instantly cools her gun, provides Fortify, Haste, and touching enemies will cause Knockback and damage.
  • Mayhem: Unlock the full power of Daisy’s minigun. With mayhem active, her weapon does not overheat, fires faster, and does more damage.
  • Traversal: Daisy can dash and air-dash.
  • Specialization: Comes with the Shieldbuster ability, making her better against shields (and later) debuffed enemies. Daisy will also dish out increased damage while she’s moving.

Arrive at the sushi restaurant, attack the teller machine, and blast all the robot cops. The flashback reveals your next location – an underground robot fighting arena!

Boombots spawn into the ambush — but they won’t stand a chance against Daisy’s minigun.

NEW ENEMY: Boombot – These suicidal flying drones are pretty basic. They get close and explode. Blast them before they do! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen boombots, but it is their first introduction in-game.

When the boombots are destroyed, move to the center and wipe out the incoming COPs and Slagbots. At the third flashback, you’ll have Shocktroopers, Helltroopers, and Boombots. The ambush occurs up in a familiar LEGION entrance – use the glass awning to reach the upper floor interior.

Next, Daisy needs to go to the center of the city and use the TTX lifts to reach the upper floors of the complex, futuristic, multi-tiered structure. At the second lift, use it twice to reach the fourth flashback. At Mixer’s party, deal with the incoming Helltroopers, Swarmtroopers, and Blitztroopers. You’ll finally get Gaunt’s location! And complete the mission, unlocking Daisy permanently.

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