Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Find Golden Gazelle | Animorphine Accident Side-Quest Guide

This is King Furry — the king of DBZ’s Earth. Image Source: [1]

Here’s one quest I struggled to solve on my own in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Most of the side-stories are pretty straight-forward and easy, but completing this weird quests — called the ‘Animorphine Accident’ — was beyond my capabilities until after completing the main story. So you don’t have to struggle the same way I did, here’s a quick guide explaining where to find the hardest component; the Golden Gazelle.

This weird sidequest has another bonus bit of lore for fans of the series — apparently, there’s a reason why there are weird animal people all over the place! The ‘animorphine’ drug, if used too much, turns people into animals. Why? How? Is this a reference to something in the main series? I’m not as versed in Dragon Ball Z as some of my peers, but I couldn’t find a scrap of evidence that ‘animorphine’ is something from the show.

As we all know, the King of Earth is actually a dog named King Furry in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Did King Furry also take too much animorphine? This is too much for me to handle. Let’s just talk about the quest.

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The side-story ‘Animorphine Accident’ is one a lot of Super Saiyans are struggling with. In this quest, you’re assigned to find several specific items from the environment. Those three different item types are:

  • 3 High-Quality Herbs
  • 4 Meaty River Snails
  • 1 Golden Gazelle Antler

The herbs and snails are pretty easy to find anywhere. The hardest one to find is the Golden Gazelle Antler — travel to the Central Plains area and look for a grazing spot by the lake. If you’re lucky, an NPC will announce that there’s a Golden Gazelle Antler in a big text balloon. But that doesn’t always happen.

Use your Ki Vision an the golden gazelle will glow red. If you don’t see a golden-colored one, just save your game and exit. Reload the save, return to the Central Plains, and check the same spot again. Just keep reloading and the gazelle will eventually spawn. It’s pretty rare, but most players agree that reloading is the quickest way to get one.

And does this mission answer any questions about the nature of animal people in the DBZ universe? No, of course not! It’s just an extremely silly mission that’s also very annoying. Hopefully, this will help you complete it too.