Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Get Tons Of D Medals | Easy Training Medals Guide

D Medals are valuable little items you’ll need to collect in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — why? Because using D Medals, you can access Training quests at specific spots on the map. Completing a training course — usually a sparring match against a friendly character — will unlock more skills and moves for your favorite characters. But you can only do that if you’ve got plenty of D Medals to spend.

Here, I’ll reveal a little trick you’ll probably want to know that makes earning D Medals way easier. Sure, you can get them just by completing quests, but if you’re looking for more D Medals faster, there’s one aspect of the game you might be missing. It’s incredibly easy to miss, even if you’ve completed the entire game. There are D Medals just waiting to be collected.

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How To Get Lots Of D Medals Easily

D Medals are a special type of currency in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. You’ll exchange them to gain access to training battles — just scan your map when you enter any location to see all the training quests available. They’ll be marked! They’re important because Training quests will unlock new skills — and the more skills you have, the more options you’ll have in battle.

To learn all the skills, you’ll need lots of D Medals. If you’re running low, there’s a very, very easy way to earn more — and it’s in the Z Encyclopedia.

  • NOTE: For more D Medals, you can also travel to Master Roshi and complete quests for his turtle companion.

Open the Z Encyclopedia — for every entry you’ve unlocked, you’ll earn D Medals. If you’re pretty far into the game, and if you’ve never opened the Z Encyclopedia, you can earn a huge stack of D Medals instantly. I picked up about 80 D Medals when I checked out the Z Encyclopedia, and you can easily unlock more entries by completing quests, or just continuing further into the story.

One surefire way to unlock more entries instantly is by finding memorial spots. These are hidden collectibles, but if you’ve got some cash, you can pay Witch Baba — she’s located on every single map — a fee of 1,000 Zeni to mark a new memorial spot location. Go to the location, grab the memorial spot, and you’ll unlock more entries in the Z Encyclopedia. By the post-game section, you’ll be swimming in cash anyway.

If you’re low on money — check your inventory for ‘Fancy’ items. Fancy items might look like gifts, but they’re actually exchange items. You’re meant to sell them! They go for a high price at any vendor, so sell off your fancy item collection, get loads of zeni, then pay off Witch Baba for tons of memorial spot locations. You’ll be able to finish up your Z Encyclopedia in no time, and earn tons of D Medals in the process.