Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Fix Screen Tearing, Control Prompts & Crashes | PC Tweaks Guide

PC players are experiencing some Kamehameha-sized problems in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Two of the most common complains are pretty fundamental problems — constant screen tearing and annoying Xbox Controller prompts, even when you’re using a keyboard and mouse.

In all seriousness, these might seem like minor problems, but there are easy solutions that’ll make playing on the PC a lot less annoying. Below, I’ll explain how to fix screen-tearing, and how to make Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot display the correct keyboard controls in the tutorials.

After a cursory glance, these are two of the biggest complaints. Naturally, these bugs problems will (probably) get fixed with an update in the near future. If you’re reading this way after the initial release, you might need to just update the game to the latest version. Otherwise, keep scrolling and check out the quick solutions to these two very annoying problems.

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How To Fix Screen-Tearing On PC

To fix constant screen-tearing on PC, try changing these settings. This seems to happen most-often on TV monitors.

  • Turn V-Sync OFF.
  • Change Resolution To: Borderless Windowed Full Screen

How To Fix Laptop & Mouse Prompts On PC

For some reason, Xbox Controller prompts are set to default when playing through the Tutorial. That makes learning the buttons a lot tougher than it needs to be on PC. Here’s how to change the settings.

  • Go to System on the pause menu.
  • Select Options -> Graphics Settings
  • Under Graphics Settings, change Icons: Keyboard + Mouse

Save your settings and you’ll now get the proper KB+M display.

How To Fix ‘UE4-AT’ Error Message | Crash On Start-Up

AMD users will experience an ‘UE4-AT’ message when attempting to launch the game on PC. If you have an AMD graphics card, you must download the latest drivers to run Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — the game won’t launch without the update.

Those are the biggest PC problems facing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot right now. If we find any other solutions, I’ll add them to this article. Keep an eye on your scouters.