Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – There’s A Secret Alternate Universe Boss Fight | Time Machine Guide

There are a few fun secrets waiting for fans at the end of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, but the best secret has to be an alternate-universe super-brawl against a video game exclusive villain from the past. You’ll also get something else that’s totally awesome — access to Trunks’ time machine! Vegeta’s son-from-the-future actually gives you the keys to his Time Machine, letting you travel back and revisit moments from the series.

The secret boss is all about Mira and Towa — the main villains of Xenoverse 2. They were, originally, totally new characters created to be villains in that series of games, but now they’re back and invading the main canon that is Goku’s life. This is a really cool secret, and if you don’t continue to play after beating the main story, you’ll miss out.

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Secret Boss Fight & Time Machine | Post-Game Guide

After completing the Buu Saga, you’ll enter the post-game section of the story. At this point, you’ll also unlock Trunks’ Time Machine. That’s the machine he arrived in during the start of the Cell Saga. Now you can finally use it! But there’s another awesome unlockable waiting in the post-game.

From another universe, Mira (and Towa) have invaded the main timeline. Towa has revived Mira right after Buu is defeated, so you’ll have take his all-powerful butt down with your full-upgraded Goku. If you’re not familiar with the Xenoverse games, Mira is a continuity-hopping supervillain — and he’s not exactly canonical.

  • How To Fight Secret Super-Boss Mira:
    • Defeat all the ‘Villainous Enemies’ in each area. They’re the enemies that glow red.
    • Clear them all, then travel to Lucca Village and defeat Gotenks and Gotan.
    • Next, travel to the Valley of the Kai’s to encounter the true final battle.

That makes his inclusion here all the more surprising. For the most part, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot sticks to the main plot beats of Goku’s story. It doesn’t go into the movies, or even touch on the filler episodes too much. It’s all about the story of Goku — beating up Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Buu.

That makes this final secret fight something special. The Time Machine will be integral to fitting DLC episodes into the game, so check back later to find new ways to use it.