Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Farm Rainbow Z-Orbs & Unlock Super Moves

Goku and friends won’t be spending XP to unlock new skills in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — instead, it’s all about the Z-Orbs. These glowing orbs are floating all over each open-world map area you can explore, and you’ll be grabbing dozens of them as you zip around on your pink cloud. Leveling up is a cinch in the game, and the story will carry you all the way through to the end.

Basically, you don’t need to grind for XP. You do, however, need to grind for Z-Orbs. And one rare type are the rainbow-colored ‘Rare’ Z-Orbs. You’ll find a few floating around the map, but not nearly enough for their true purpose. Rainbow Z-Orbs allow you to unlock the final upgrades on the Skill Tree. There are a few in the middle, but almost all of the top-tier upgrades require rainbow Z-Orbs.

If you start early, you can collect a pretty hefty stockpile of rare Z-Orbs, and there are a few easy ways you can do it. This isn’t even farming — consider it an investment in Goku’s future. The last skill upgrades are absolutely devastating, so grabbing all the rainbow orbs you can will help in the long-run.

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Rare Z-Orbs | Where To Find Them & What They’re For

What Are Z-Orbs?: Rare Z-Orbs are rainbow-colored orbs that are required to unlock the best skills on each character’s Skill Tree. You’ll find them in small numbers around the environment, but there are two specific activities you can search for that reliably give you rare Z-Orbs.

Even at the very start of the game, you can find rare Z-Orbs. You might not be able to use them, but there’s a reason you’ll want to farm for them — they’re always valuable. While other Z-Orb type requirement skyrocket in the number of orbs you need as you go down the Skill Tree, the rare Z-Orbs always stay relatively low. To get the final three Skills on each tree, you’ll need ~9 Rare Z-Orbs, ~15 Rare Z-Orbs, and finally ~30 Rare Z-Orbs.

That isn’t a whole lot. And you can start farming them right from the start of the game — endlessly!

How To Farm Rare Z-Orbs

Rare Z-Orbs can be found in a variety of ways, but two of the easiest are found on every map in the game. While flying around, look Phantom Airways and Timed Z-Orbs. Activating a Timed Z-Orb will make more Z-Orbs appear — some of them will be Rare!

What we’re really looking for are the Phantom Airways. These are golden circles in the sky. They reset locations every time you enter / exit the map region, so you might have to search to find them. They’re never in the same spot twice. Flying into a Phantom Airway sends you zipping through an air-tunnel filled with Z-Orbs, and a handful of Rare Z-Orbs.

What makes this activity worth it is that you’ll be able to repeat it endlessly. And you’ll find a new Phantom Airway every time you re-enter a map. You can just fly into the sky, go to the map screen, then re-enter the same area and a new Phantom Airway will appear. Rinse, repeat, and collect all the rare Z-Orbs you need.