Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Earn XP Faster & Reach Level 250

To become as powerful as possible in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you’ll have to reach Level 250 — a pretty high number, considering most players won’t even hit Level 100 for a very long time. Once you defeat Buu, there’s a lengthy post-game quest that’s all about taking on the deadliest enemies in the open-world. New ‘villainous’ enemies with red glowing auras will appear on every map, and your goal is to defeat them. They’re extremely high level, and there’s a super-secret boss waiting at the end.

It’s a worthwhile quest, and if you want to make the most XP possible, you’ll need to prepare yourself. Reaching Level 250 isn’t really an important milestone or anything — it’s just a fancy number to aim for. The real goal is just pushing your level as high as it can go so you can defeat the Secret Boss and complete any of the lingering challenges left. You’ll need to eat right and rank up your Community Boards for the most benefit.

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How To Earn XP Faster & Reach Level 250

Before we begin, it’s probably worth saying that you don’t need to grind for XP very much in the main story. Completing story battles will earn you tons of XP — you’ll basically stay at the level you need to be. If you’re struggling with fights, you’ll want to purchase healing items, or fiddle with the Community Board, or complete training missions.

  • NOTE: Don’t forget to equip Know-How and dump skill points into your abilities! Other than that, grinding for XP is really unnecessary.

Grinding is unnecessary until the post-game, where you’ll need all the XP you can get.

Post-Game XP Grinding Tips

At the end of the game, you’ll want to fight Villainous Enemies to reach the highest levels, but there are ways you can increase your XP earnings while hunting down Villainous Enemies.

  • Upgrade the Training Community Board to Max Level for +100% Battle XP. That’s double XP!
  • Eat the Super Deluxe Meat Course meal for a temporary boost to XP you’ll earn. Eat up before taking on Villainous Enemies!
  • Clear all the Villainous Enemies on each map. After clearing out enemies, much harder variations will respawn — clear them again, and even harder variations will appear.

It’s all pretty simple. Give gifts to upgrade your Community Board, and aim to increase the Training Board to Max Level. After that, you’ll want to eat Super Deluxe Meat Course recipes to increase the amount of XP you earn from fights.

Finally, you’ll want to track down Villainous Enemies — they glow red — on each map. Defeat them all and more will respawn at higher levels. You can continue to repeat this, fighting harder-and-harder enemies, until you reach max level.