Kojima Productions Considering Episodic Game Releases

Hideo Kojima is a worldwide famed video game developer that was originally known for his work with Konami. Now with his own studio, Kojima Productions, the developer has plenty of free realm to create and strive after new goals as he sees fit. Since Death Stranding is out in the market and the studio is moving on to new projects, we could see an episodic game come out in the future.

During a conversation with Famitsu magazine, Hideo Kojima spoke about potential future goals and what the studio could see venturing into next. For instance, we know that films are a major part of Hideo Kojima’s life and it’s not too surprising to hear of interest in producing a film, but we could see the studio venture into an anime project. Likewise, there is also plenty of video game projects being considered some of which are big scale projects likely similar to the scale of Death Stranding.

Furthermore, there is a potential that smaller video game projects are not out of the question. Kojima made note that he would like to work on small games as well which could come in the form of episodic releases similar to Telltale Games or even digital-only games that wouldn’t have a traditional physical copy available for purchase at your local retailers.

In the meantime, we don’t know just what the development studio will be working on next. The launch of Death Stranding came towards the end of 2019 for the PlayStation 4 though later this year, the video game title is slated to release on the PC platform as well. For now, all we can do is wait and see just what Kojima Productions will be launching next.

Source: DualShockers