Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Max Out Social Emblems & Community Boards | Best Gifts Guide

To fully upgrade your Soul Emblems and reach the top level on your Community Boards in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you’ll need to give your pals lots of gifts. Some of the best gifts in the game are Divine and Ultimate Awakened Water — items that increase Friendship and stats for any Soul Emblem you share them with. These gifts work on everyone, and there are a couple ways to can acquire plenty.

It can take some time, but there are two sure-fire methods for farming an endless amount of Awakened Waters. There’s no reason to do this too early in the game — I recommend waiting until the Post-Game, or at least late in the Cell Saga. You can always slowly farm these between missions, or while hunting the high-level Villainous Enemies waiting for you in the post-game. Whatever method you use, this is the most straightforward way to reach max Community Board rank.

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How To Max Out Soul Emblems & Community Boards | Best Gifts Guide

The best gifts you can acquire in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot are Awakened Waters. There are five different levels of Awakened Water, with the best being the Divine Awakened Water and the Ultimate Awakened Water. These items are great for boosting Soul Emblem Stats and Friendship — and increasing your Soul Emblems will slowly help you rank up your Community Boards to Max.

  • Divine Awakened Water: +4 To All Stats, +20 Friendship
  • Ultimate Awakened Water: +8 To All Stats, +40 Friendship

There are two easy, free ways to acquire and endless amount of Awakened Water — by running through Phantom Airways, and by wishing for Rare Items with Dragon Balls.

Method #1: Phantom Airways

Certain Phantom Airways will always spawn with Divine or Ultimate water. They reappear about every 5 minutes, so you can revisit these areas again and again to collect your item — I recommend doing this between missions, or while waiting for the Dragon Balls to respawn!

  • Ultimate Awakened Water: Appears in a Phantom Airway east of Ginger Town. In the center of the map, you’ll unlock a new region after returning from Namek with a Phantom Airway in the far north — that also has an Ultimate Awakened Water.
  • Divine Awakened Water: Two Phantom Airways spawn in the central region that appears after returning from Namek. The other Phantom Airway always has a Divine Awakened Water.

Method #2: Rare Items Wish

After returning from Namek, you’ll be able to hunt for Dragon Balls across the globe. They appear in random spots, but they always show-up on your map. Just check every region, scan the map for Dragon Ball icons, and collect all 7.

Select the ‘Dragon Balls’ menu to summon Shenron, and always select the ‘Rare Items’ wish. This will give you x5 Awakened Waters of all types — that includes Divine and Ultimate. Just dump all those waters on the Soul Emblems you want to improve the most.

The Dragon Balls take 20 minutes to respawn, so you can always complete Phantom Airways runs to collect more Awakened Water between Shenron wishes. Just rinse and repeat, and you’ll reach Level 10 in all your Community Boards.