Pokemon Sun & Moon: Use Amulet Coin & Munchlax to Farm Money Fast


With all the clothing items and haircut customization in Pokemon Sun and Moon, there’s never enough cash to go around, especially if you want to collect every optional TM or stay stocked up with the best¬†potions. Luckily, there’s a way to exponentially increase your per battle earnings using an easy-to-miss Amulet Coin.

The Amulet Coin, used in conjunction with Happy Hour, rewards you with quadruple the regular amount you’d earn in battle. That’s a big step-up in the money department, and both the item and the move can be unlocked as early as Akala Island. You won’t even need to get far on Akala to uncover the Amulet Coin, and the Happy Hour ability is available to everyone right from the start of the game. Find all the details below.

Fast Cash Guide – Amulet Coin & Happy Hour Combo

The Amulet Coin is a special held item that will double the amount of money earned after each battle. Happy Hour is a special move that doesn’t do damage, but also doubles the amount of money earned after a battle. Combine the two, and you’re looking at quadruple the normal amount of coins.

Here’s how to get your hands on the item and the special move.

  • How to Get the Amulet Coin:
    • Akala Island, Paniola Ranch – At the ranch, start at the Nursery building and walk directly right. Look behind the red truck and collect the item there.
  • How to Get Happy Hour:
    • Mystery Gift – From the Main Menu, select ‘Mystery Gift’ and connect to the Internet. You’ll receive a Munchlax with Happy Hour already memorized. (Mystery Gift ends Jan. 11, 2017)

Have the Amulet Coin equipped and use Happy Hour at any point during the battle and you’ll earn quadruple prize money after every trainer battle.


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