LEGO Force Awakens: Chapter 9 – All Collectibles Guide


Say goodbye to Starkiller Base as the heroes of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens team-up to sabotage the First Order’s giant super-weapon in Chapter 9 of the minikit / red brick collectibles guide.

Poe Dameron arrives just in time to help Rey and Finn complete their mission, bringing all three of our main heroes together as they put an end to the evil plans of Grand Master Snoke and his minions. Once again, you’ll take to the skies with an X-Wing during certain sequences, so watch out for cool stuff to destroy — it’s always a good idea to destroy anything that looks like LEGO in these games. We’re almost at the end, only one more main story mission to go! Buckle up and prepare to save the galaxy in style while earning 100% completion on Chapter 9.

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Chapter 9: Destroy Starkiller Base – All Collectibles Guide | Red Bricks & Minikits Locations

Always replay stages on FREE PLAY to swap characters and access all areas of the level. There are 10 minikits and 1 Red Brick located in every story level. These levels can be replayed as often as you like, and no collectibles can be missed. Finding all ten minikits unlocks a new vehicle for purchase.

Minikit #1:

  • Location: The stage starts with Poe Dameron in the skies — flying through a trench in the mountains, watch for a blue ring on the right with this minikit.

Minikit #2:

  • Location: When things open up a little more, look on the outer towers of the huge installation to spot a blue race marker. Fly through the ring and follow the checkpoints, hitting them all before the time runs out, to earn your second minikit.

Minikit #3:

  • Location: Switching over to Rey as she attempts to escape, you’ll reach a point where Rey needs to build a ladder. Don’t build it — instead, construct to the left to shut down the red forcefield door. There’s a minikit inside with a couple valuable studs.

Minikit #4:

  • Location: Next, build the ladder and climb up. Then use a hover-jetpack hero or villain to fly left over the drop to discover a door that can only be opened with Dark Force powers. Tear that door open and grab the minikit located in the room.

Minikit #5:

  • Location: This one is easy — when Rey reaches the climb-able wall, instead of climbing up and turning right, just climb all the way up to the ledge containing this minikit.

Regenerating Hearts Red Brick

  • Location: After constructing and powering-up the LEGO elevator to reach the upper level, move into the foreground and look right fight a grappling anchor spot. Switch to any character with a grappling hook. To the right, use the terminal and match the Stormtrooper pieces together. 15 Stormtroopers will appear in the room to the right — defeat them all to earn a red brick.

Minikit #6:

  • Location: In the ‘Oscillator Interior’ section of the stage, right from the start, look in the back corner to the left of the main (large) staircase in the center of the chamber and enter the access hatch. This leads to an alcove containing a minikit.

Minikit #7:

  • Location: Further ahead, you’ll need to build a LEGO panel with an orange strength handle — this is the area with the red forcefield on the left that can only be deactivated with the small droid. Build over the box on the right instead to open the door and gain one more minikit.

Minikit #8:

  • Location: In the same room as Minikit #7, destroy the four lamps closest to the foreground. Three are in the room with Minikit #7, and the fourth is to the left of the red forcefield you’ll need to shut down as part of the main progression story path.

Minikit #9:

  • Location: After shutting down the red forcefield, blast the gold panel in the background to get hopping breaks that build one minikit.

Minikit #10:

  • Location: Continuing through the level, you’ll reach a grapple point. Zip up and stop before using the grapple anchor point on the left. Instead, use the Protocol Droid terminal on this platform to open the door, then swap to a character that can survive the toxic green gas.

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