LEGO Force Awakens: Trouble Over Taul – All Collectibles Guide


Captain Phasma gets some time to shine in her very own LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens bonus stage, and we’re going to help the Stormtrooper leader steal every collectible with location tips for ‘Trouble Over Taul’.

The especially shiny Stormtrooper doesn’t get a chance to do anything particularly cool in the film. Thankfully that mistake has been fixed. Here you’ll get to see how cool Captain Phasma really is as she leads a team of Stormtroopers against a Resistance vessel. Like a twist on the opening for Episode IV, you play as the Empire instead of the Rebels, blasting your way to the command deck and taking control like the unstoppable evil army that you are.

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Trouble Over Taul – All Collectibles Guide | Red Bricks & Minikits Locations

Always replay stages on FREE PLAY to swap characters and access all areas of the level. There are 10 minikits and 1 Red Brick located in every story level. These levels can be replayed as often as you like, and no collectibles can be missed. Finding all ten minikits unlocks a new vehicle for purchase.

Minikit #1:

  • Location: In the Corvette Interior, complete the blaster battle and return to the start of the level. There’s a silver LEGO wall to the left near the cover where the blaster battle took place. Blast the wall with a detonator.

Minikit #2:

  • Location: As you progress through the level, make sure to destroy all four Astromech droids. Those are robots that look like R2-D2 — if you smash all four innocent droids, you’ll be rewarded with a minikit. One tricky one is located in the hallway with the missing wall / ceiling. Shoot the bot floating in space above.

Minikit #3:

  • Location: Past the blaster battle, look for a terminal that opens the door to a ladder. Climb up and use a Flametrooper to melt the ice LEGO block on the right.

Minikit #4:

  • Location: Next to Minikit #4, mount the turret and blast five asteroids as they float by.

Minikit #5:

  • Location: From the ladder, climb down into another room. Move left and use the force on the vending machine near the ice cloud. The force will shake the machine and dump a pile of Minikit pieces onto the ground.

Minikit #6:

  • Location: On the right side of this same room (near the entrance) there’s a cracked wall. Use Dark Force powers on this spot next to the ladder.

Regenerating Combat Bar Red Brick

  • Location: Drop down from the ladder into the game room (same room as Minikit #5 & #6) with the soda machine and billiards table. To the left of the ice cream machine, there’s an icey fog most can’t enter. Send a robot like BB-8 into the fog to collect a red brick.

Minikit #7:

  • Location: Follow the halls until you reach a Protocol Droid terminal. Use it to open the door and grab the visible minikit.

Minikit #8:

  • Location: Continuing through the corvette, you’ll reach another blaster battle in a dimly lit passage. Target the gold LEGO object at the far end of the hallway. Shoot it before finishing that sequence!

Minikit #9:

  • Location: Pushing through, watch for a cracked LEGO wall that glows white on the left wall. It’s clearly visible as you progress, so don’t miss it. Use any large LEGO character, or anyone with the strength ability that allows them to smash cracked walls.

Minikit #10:

  • Location: The last minikit is located in the destroyed hallway before entering the command center of the ship. Use the force on the floating collectible high-up and toward the left side of the screen.

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