LEGO Force Awakens: Rathtar Hunting – All Collectibles Guide


Han Solo and his pal Chewie go ‘Rathtar Hunting’ on our next bonus level collectibles guide for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here we get to experience the story only alluded to in the film and watch these two capture Rathtars for transport.

One of the uglier monsters in the Star Wars universe, the rathtars are big, red, rolling land-squids with some serious teeth and too many tentacles. Their home planet is appropriately dreary, and Han will have to delve into some creepy caverns if he wants to capture one of these crazed beasts. Like every other story mission, there are ten minikits to locate and a red brick to unlock. We’ve got all those locations described below, just remember to save the 100% hunt until after completing the story level.

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Rathtar Hunting – All Collectibles Guide | Red Bricks & Minikits Locations

Always replay stages on FREE PLAY to swap characters and access all areas of the level. There are 10 minikits and 1 Red Brick located in every story level. These levels can be replayed as often as you like, and no collectibles can be missed. Finding all ten minikits unlocks a new vehicle for purchase.

Minikit #1:

  • Location: In the spooky Rathtar Caverns, move right until you spy a red and black rock. Interact using any Dark Forces character to remove the LEGO stone.

Minikit #2:

  • Location: Slam a staff into the empty agility pole spot on the back-left corner of the cave. Use the poles to leap across, then use a grappling hook on the shining anchor mounting to more LEGO rocks.

Minikit #3:

  • Location: In the dark section of the cavern, you’ll move slowly through waist-high water and use glowing flowers to light the way. Use any Force-Sensitive hero to collect all five of these flowers to earn a minikit.

Fast Force Red Brick

  • Location: In the dark cave, to the left and beneath the flowing water, you’ll find a smooth sliding surface and orange handles on the cave wall. Pull the orange handles with a Wookie, bounce on the thing inside, and on the upper platform move left to discover a secret room. Follow the ramp up to grab an easy red brick.

Minikit #4:

  • Location: To the right of the lower section of the waterfall, enter the access hatch for an easy minikit.

Minikit #5:

  • Location: Above the access hatch, smash everything to build cup cakes for the giant spiders — they’ll stick to the cakes and make perfect hand-holds to climb up and reach a minikit.

Minikit #6:

  • Location: At the very top of the waterfall, hop over the stream and dive into the LEGO pond with Ackbar. Build the bricks that pop out for a minikit reward.

Minikit #7:

  • Location: Popping on over to the ‘Loading Area’ section, don’t charge into the blaster battle just yet. Back-off and explore to the left. Use the force on a flower keeping a minikit caged behind its petals.

Minikit #8:

  • Location: This one is tricky. Switch to a character with a heavy blaster and aim up/left of the Minikit #7 flower. There are gold LEGO bricks up here — shoot them until they bust open and drop a minikit.

Minikit #9:

  • Location: Complete the blaster battle, then backtrack a little to destroy all the glowing plants in the area. There are five LEGO flowers you’ll need to destroy.

Minikit #10:

  • Location: To the back-left of the crazed Rathtar cage, use a grappling hook on the orange handle.

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