LEGO Force Awakens: Ottegan Assault – All Collectibles Guide


We’ve saved the best for last. Kylo Ren, the evil Sith apprentice of Grand Master Snoke, takes the lead and gets his very own bonus stage with ‘Ottegan Assault’ in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’ve got locations for all the collectibles below.

One of the angriest Star Wars characters yet, Kylo Ren is an unhinged figure, known for his temper tantrums when he gets bad news. Thankfully, there won’t be much bad news here — Ottegan Assault features Kylo Ren at his most powerful, slicing and dicing his way through opponents with ease. The apprentice is hungry for a challenge, but we’d prefer to stay on his good side. Don’t get lost while exploring Ottegan from the sky or on the ground, find all the collectibles with our tips and descriptions for the final bonus stage.

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Ottegan Assault – All Collectibles Guide | Red Bricks & Minikits Locations

Always replay stages on FREE PLAY to swap characters and access all areas of the level. There are 10 minikits and 1 Red Brick located in every story level. These levels can be replayed as often as you like, and no collectibles can be missed. Finding all ten minikits unlocks a new vehicle for purchase.

Minikit #1:

  • Location: In the first sequence of the stage, watch for the yellow-marked ships. They’re pretty far off, so make sure to blast them before they get too far away. Destroy three to earn a quick minikit.

Minikit #2:

  • Location: Still in the auto-flight sequence, watch for a ring with a minikit. Stick to the lower-left corner as you fly through a trench to grab it.

Minikit #3:

  • Location: Once you’re given more freedom, look for a race marker and fly through. Hit all the waypoint rings before the time runs out. The race marker is below the surface of the massive rocky islands floating in the sky.

Super Disco Blasters Red Brick

  • Location: To the left of Kylo Ren’s landed ship, there’s a path that leads around the exterior of a brown building. You’ll find a white cracked wall here. Select a creature that can smash cracked walls and go inside to grab this brick.

Minikit #4:

  • Location: Next to the red brick, destroy the floating drone to the left. There are three of these drones — once you blast all three, you’ll unlock a minikit reward. The second is to the right of the fishing rod build / wooden barrel with gold LEGO bricks. The last drone is at the end of the surface level, to the right of the wreckage and above the toxic gas.

Minikit #5:

  • Location: Slightly left of Kylo Ren’s landed ship, you’ll find a locked Resistance terminal. Use any rebel to open it. A door will slide open and reveal a minikit.

Minikit #6:

  • Location: Climb up to Kylo Ren’s lander ship and use Dark Force power on the Tie Fighter on the left. Open the fighter and a minikit will pop right out.

Minikit #7:

  • Location: Continue into the stage (moving right) from the starting point, and you should spot a LEGO pond near a burning LEGO wreckage. Dive into the pool with Ackbar and rebuild the loose bricks.

Minikit #8:

  • Location: At the LEGO defense wall with red-laser scanners, search left and destroy the silver LEGO object. Any thermal detonator or rocket will do.

Minikit #9:

  • Location: To the right of the silver LEGO object, there’s a gold LEGO crane. Blast it with a heavy weapon until the crane collapses. Use the multi-build to construct a fishing pole on the right selection to fish for one more minikit.

Minikit #10:

  • Location: To the right of the multi-build where you grabbed Minikit #9, enter the toxic cloud and grab the final minikit.

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