LEGO Force Awakens: Poe to the Rescue – All Collectibles Guide


The adventure doesn’t end after the grand finale of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are six bonus stages everyone can unlock after earning the required amount of gold bricks. Not just basic ‘extra’ levels, these are fully-voiced story stages with cutscenes, jokes, and all the fun stuff you’ll want to experience. Once again, you’ll find ten minikits and one red brick with the tips and locations on our complete ‘Poe to the Rescue’ collectibles guide.

In this mission, Poe Dameron infiltrates a First Order prison to rescue the illustrious Admiral Ackbar. The admiral appears in the prologue mission during the attack on the Second Death Star, and he’s even featured in The Force Awakens as a resistance commander. He’s one of the few minifigures that can dive into LEGO ponds, so you’re going to want to get this guy as-soon-as-possible if you’re hunting for minikits. He’s pretty much required! Learn all about the stage with all the locations below.

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Poe to the Rescue – All Collectibles Guide | Red Bricks & Minikits Locations

Always replay stages on FREE PLAY to swap characters and access all areas of the level. There are 10 minikits and 1 Red Brick located in every story level. These levels can be replayed as often as you like, and no collectibles can be missed. Finding all ten minikits unlocks a new vehicle for purchase.

Minikit #1:

  • Location: Pull the submerged minifig out of the sludge in the Trash Compactor section to earn an easy minikit. Look near the double grapple anchor points attached to the LEGO object on the right.

Minikit #2:

  • Location: In the very same room, checkout the left corner and dive into the water with Admiral Ackbar to get the pieces for a second minikit.

Infinite Torpedoes Red Brick

  • Location: This one is in the hallway at the beginning of the ‘Hangar Battle’ level. Before annoying the two chatting Stormtroopers, smash the LEGO objects to the left and explore Kylo Ren’s secret room. Use Dark Side powers on the desk and everything else to discover this handy red brick.

Minikit #3:

  • Location: As you progress through the ‘Hanger Battle’ section of the mission, look for three orange grapple anchors attached to the upper walls. Pulling all three rewards you with a minikit. The first is in the left-foreground corner of the hallway. The second one is near the Helmet-Switching machine. The third vent cover is in the hallway leading to the main hangar room later in the section.

Minikit #4:

  • Location: Continue into the larger room. Toward the background, you should spot silver pipes in the raised platform’s walls. Use any explosive-chucking character to blast the pipes and grab a minikit.

Minikit #5:

  • Location: Further up, look in the back left corner for an access hatch against the back wall, near the large vat-like thing against the left wall. The access hatch sends you to a catwalk with a BB-8 pad. Use it to drop some crates containing the next minikit.

Minikit #6:

  • Location: On the upper-right corner, you’ll encounter a wall of Imperial crates with multi-colored buttons. Use the force to move the crates into steps you can jump on and you’ll find a minikit in his cargo alcove.

Minikit #7:

  • Location: Ride the elevator down to get a view of stormtroopers doing some aerobics. Shoot the two black LEGO generator boxes mounted on the back wall of this room for a minikit prize.

Minikit #8:

  • Location: Entering the ‘Asteroid Escape’ section of the stage, watch for a minikit in one of the blue ring markers as you fly through a hole in an asteroid. Move to the lower-left corner of the screen to grab it.

Minikit #9:

  • Location: When flying through the giant asteroid cavern interior, target the glowing crystals — blast seven of the crystals for a shiny minikit.

Minikit #10:

  • Location: Switching to the more open-area flying where you can collect pink bombs, use the torpedoes against towers marked on the far edges of the asteroid surface’s play space. Blast all three LEGO towers with torpedoes to get the last minikit for this stage.

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