LEGO Force Awakens: Secret Room, Disco Saber & 8-Bit Easter Eggs


Don’t have enough disco in your life? LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens knows how you feel, and obliges with a multi-colored lightsaber extravaganza. The latest in the long-running series of LEGO adventure games features plenty of jokes in the main story cutscenes goofing on the blockbuster Star Wars formula — but if you look deeper, there are plenty of hidden references and Easter eggs to discover in TT Games adorable action-platformer. Join us as we search the galaxy for some of the best Easter eggs found so far.

There’s plenty we’ve missed, so if you’ve found something we should add to the list below, sound off and give us an earful in the comments! Now without further ado, here’s our list of awesome Easter eggs, silly effects, and other references that’re worth seeking out in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Easter Eggs Guide

Before we move on, here’s your customary SPOILER WARNING. There will be multiple Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers below, so if you haven’t seen that film yet and don’t want major reveals unleashed on you; turn back now!

Kylo Ren’s Secret Room

Nobody loves Darth Vader more than Kylo Ren, and the Sith apprentice shows off his undying devotion to the extreme in this secret room discovered by Youtuber Random Chievo’s.

To find this secret room, as outlined in the video above, you’ll need to reach a later point in the story. Eventally you’ll unlock a Rebel Mission on the planet D’Qar called ‘Poe to the Rescue’ — select ‘Free Play’ and jump to the ‘Hangar Battle’ section of the stage.

The secret room is found just to the left of the chatting stormtroopers. There’s a LEGO object in an alcove with red highlights. Smash it and continue beyond the limits of the screen to enter a hidden area! What’s inside this room? Here’s a quick list:

  • Sign that says “Kylo’s Room”
  • Sign that says “Go Away!”
  • An X-Wing model (that flies!)
  • A Tie Fighter model (that also flies!)
  • A lamp and a dresser with Darth Vader’s helmet
  • Multiple posters of Darth Vader
  • Multiple framed pictures of Darth Vader on shelves
  • And a Red Brick!

That’s a lot to see and do — and if you’re looking for those valuable Red Brick cheats, this is one place to get one.

Disco Lightsaber

Another Random Chievo’s find, this one is all about flashy lightsabers. Finding the right Red Brick unlocks this festive lightsaber color effect — instead of swapping to one particular color, with this cheat activated, you’ll have all the colors in the rainbow! For the Jedi that has everything — and a reference to the constant disco dance rooms hidden in almost every LEGO adventure game.

To add even more funkadelic atmosphere to this disco-inspired lightsaber color scheme, take a listen to the Star Wars main theme in its disco-ified version by the one-and-only Meco.

8-Bit Minigame Homage

This IGN-discovered Easter egg homages a particularly awesome escape from The Empire Strikes Back. After escaping the Empire in an asteroid field, Han Solo hides the Millennium Falcon inside one of the larger rock caverns.


After plenty of rumbling, the crew realizes they’re not in any regular cave — they’re in an enormous space monster! The 8-Bit Minigame shown above is all about escaping that asteroid monster in a tiny ship. Yup, that’s the same monster. Just take a look at the real thing above and compare.

Those are hardly the only Easter eggs available in LEGO: The Force Awakens. Let us know about your other amazing finds and we’ll add them here with credit to the commentator.

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