DOOM (2016): Easter Eggs Compendium – Fallout, Terminator & More


DOOM (2016) is jam-packed with in-jokes and Easter eggs. In a futile gesture, we’ve put together a list with everything found so far. That’s a ton of stuff; Skyrim, Fallout, Terminator 2, playable minigames — and the list goes on. The developers at id have always included retro secrets, this time including hidden DOOM levels in every stage, but they’ve dug deeper into their own history for call-backs to Commander Keen, a series new players aren’t likely to recognize. Keep scrolling to check-out our ever-growing list of hidden stuff in the latest big DOOM release.

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Easter Eggs Compendium

Here you’ll find every Easter egg, reference and joke we’ve found so far. Let us know if something amazing is missing in the comments.

The Icon of Sin Returns

The final boss of DOOM 2 returns in a more benign situation in a later level of DOOM (2016). The huge goat skull is found suspended over an endless abyss in Hell, and even features his old weak point — a hellish symbol on its forehead.

Shooting the forehead summons the classic spinning skull box from DOOM 2. Follow it’s explosive descent to get yourself one of the last secret collectibles in the game.

Sean Bean Can’t Catch A Break

Found by @richardcobbet on Twitter, this list of UAC casualties includes one very conspicously name — Sean Bean. The prolific actor doesn’t appear in DOOM (2016) because he’s already dead.


Sean Bean, no matter who he’s playing, always seems to die. Hence his wink-and-nod inclusion in this list that most DOOM players will only glance at.

Candy Crush – Demon Destruction Playable Minigame

This amazing Candy Crush reference is brought to us by Youtuber TestedModz. Using a certain computer in a certain small laboratory area activates this elaborate, and totally playable, minigame called “Demon Destruction” — match the demons to make them gib, turning the cute puzzler into a gory reference back to the original DOOM, sprites and all.


For more info on Demon Destruction, like where to find it, check out the full explanation on the DOOM (2016) Candy Crush Easter egg guide.

That’s not the only minigame available in DOOM (2016). The arcade game from DOOM 3 “Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3” is back, letting you click and punch turkeys all over again.


Image Source: [1]

DOOM 3 Soul Cube

The all-important artifact from DOOM 3 returns in Olivia Pierce’s office in the Lazarus Labs. It’s the same room as that awesome Candy Crush Easter egg found above. Check out the Soul Cube in this video by (the appropriately named) Cubi Studios.

The Soul Cube, found in an underground excavation site on Mars, is an artifact from Hell that recharges when killing demons. Hence the name — the Soul Cube needs souls to fuel it’s powerful energy attacks. The Soul Cube in DOOM 3 is the only weapon powerful enough to kill Hell’s most powerful warrior, the Cyberdemon.

Terminator 2 – Hot Lava Thumbs-Up

Most people don’t want to play in lava, but the DOOM Guy knows that running through acid / magma / unknown deadly substances is a sure-fire way to find secrets. Well, this time the secret doesn’t involve running through lava to reach somewhere — diving into the hot stuff is the whole goal.


Found in the foundry, the DOOM Guy can drop into the liquid hot metal below. Upon death, the DOOM Guy flashes the memorable thumbs-up from the end of Terminator 2 as he sinks under the lava. The Marine is basically a Terminator — unstoppable, emotionless, carries a shotgun — so it only makes sense he’d want to homage the big man Arnold Schwarzenegger before biting the bullet.

Image Source: [1]

Classic DOOM – Secret Levels and More

Everyone knows there are hidden Classic DOOM levels in every mission — but there’s something else in those pixelated stages that’s extra-hilarious. Once you find one of these secret level-within-a-level areas, run inside to see something amazing.


If you’re gibbed (blown up into tiny chunks) — and if your camera is facing your decapitated helmet, you’ll get a glimpse of the classic DOOM guy’s face. It’s gruesome and nostalgic at the same time.

For more info on these secret areas and where to find them, check out our DOOM (2016) Classic DOOM levels locations guide.

Fallout – Vault-Tec Construction

Now that DOOM is published by Bethesda, it’s clear the devs couldn’t stop themselves from including Easter eggs referencing that company’s biggest franchises. One such reference is hidden on one of vault-like doors on Mars.


Can’t see it? Here’s a closer look…


Under the fallen signage, you can spot a Vault-Tec logo. Vault-Tec, in the Fallout universe, was the corporation that built the underground vaults that allowed (some) of humanity to survive the nuclear apocalypse. Of course, most of the vaults were actually deadly social experiments, designed to fail or cause friction with the survivors. Basically, Vault-Tec aren’t so great at their job to keep people safe.

Image Source: [1]

Skyrim – Lost Vikings

Another Bethesda Easter egg can be found while exploring the depths of Hell. One poor shriveled-up corpse can be found wearing the iconic horned helmet from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.


Sadly, it doesn’t look like the DOOM Guy can collect it for a power-up.

Image Source: [1]

Commander Keen – Dead and Loving It

id Software mines the past to bring a dead franchise back to life… sorta. The halls of Hell feature the iconic yellow helmet from id’s Commander Keen series of platforming games. Developed way back in the early-1990s for PCs, the story followed a kid space adventurer solving problems as he traveled planet-to-planet to in his spaceship.


The graphics are pretty primitive compared to what we’re used to today, so the guys at id gave the Commander Keen helmet a little upgrade — now it says DOOM on the side. Maybe Billy Blaze is a fan?


Image Source: [1]

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