DOOM (2016): Classic DOOM Level Locations – Easter Eggs Guide

The classic face makes a welcome return.
The classic face makes a welcome return.

DOOM is back in more ways than one. The latest in the line of demon-splattering shooters goes for a deep pull and drags classic DOOM into the mix with hidden levels to explore. To discover one of the classic levels, you’ll need to find a special lever that then opens a door somewhere in the stage. The developers at iD say there is one classic DOOM level in every mission, so let’s go hunting. Join us as we track down the full list of classic DOOM levels in DOOM (2016).

The classic DOOM levels aren’t exactly as they were. You won’t be fighting the original’s monsters or using their simple weapons. This is closer to that similar Wolfenstein: The New Order Easter egg. You’ll move through levels that look just like the classics, flat geometric corridors with low-resolution textures and all, but using the upgraded DOOM (2016) weapons. Finding and completing these levels should be worthwhile, even if you’re not one of the original super-fans.

Classic DOOM Levels Easter Egg

As revealed here, classic DOOM stages are hidden in every level of DOOM (2016). To unlock them, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • 1. Find a hidden lever and pull it. A retro chime will sound.
  • 2. After the chime, a secret door will open somewhere in the level.
  • 3. Find the door to explore a classic DOOM stage with original low-resolution wall textures and layouts.


Discovering these areas allows you to play the full missions in the level select menu. Instead of the original sprite-enemies and guns, you’ll face off against the fully-realized 3D demons of DOOM (2016) along with that game’s updated arsenal of weapons.

Secret Levels Locations Guide

Level 1 – The UAC:

  • Lever Location: After opening the Blue Key door, head down the slope on the left to reach a small cylinder building on your reach. There’s a yellow cage around the structure, with the level located inside.
  • Classic Stage Location: The classic level is directly down the path to the right. There’s a small dead-end canyon with a strange classic DOOM door embedded in the wall. This door will open when the lever is pulled. Simply step inside to unlock the full version of the level.

Level 2 – Resource Operations:

  • Lever Location: Right at the beginning of the stage, you’ll turn on the power in the starting room with the caged yellow walkways and mining equipment. Drop through the hole that opens and move to the area with the crane and raised platforms. Climb up these ledges to reach the top where you’ll find the lever.
  • Classic Stage Location: The level entrance is directly beneath the lever. Drop down and look at the walls to the left before leaving this large chamber.

Level 3 – Foundry:

  • Lever Location: In the massive smelting room with multiple levels, stay at the top floor and look for a suspended cart right next to one of the bridges. Jump onto the suspended cart to find the lever.
  • Classic Stage Location: The stage itself is located straight ahead while crossing the bridge. It’s to the right of the lavafalls streaming into a river and pouring down into the reservoir at the bottom floor of the foundry.

Level 4 – Argent Facility:

  • Lever Location: Right at the start of the level, you’ll cross the rocky Mars landscape and reach a platform to the left of the entrance into the interior room filled with blood, guts, gore, and Satanic Hell symbols. Before reaching that room, or even going through the interior hallway, look for the structural outer-wall to the left to get the lever. It’s behind some barrels.
  • Classic Stage Location: This one is easier to find. The locked door is inside that room with the guts, dead bodies, and glowing Hell iconography. It’s on the right as you move through.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower:

  • Lever Location: Inside the tower itself, you’ll eventually activate the large cargo drones that move up and down. You’ll need to ride one of these cargo drones to get to the top of the tower. Look for a cargo drone with blue lights and a green power-up on the ledge above — right that drone up and you’ll find the lever at the top.
  • Classic Stage Location: The level is actually hidden behind the same sentry you road up on. Take the sentry back down to it’s lower station, wait for it to leave, then jump into the room.

Level 6 – Kadingir Sanctum:

  • Lever Location: In the arena where the Barons of Hell first appear, go down the dark corridor to the right of the blood puddle to find the lever in the dark cave.
  • Classic Stage Location: Drop down into the narrow canyon blood stream to the left (and beneath the bridge that leads to the end of the stage) to find the level entrance itself.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed):

  • Lever Location: Right at the start of the level, you’ll leave the first room and reach a platforming challenge beneath two spinning-blade air vents. You’ll have to jump over a destroyed stairwell to reach the upper platform. Look behind the boxes on the left to find this lever.
  • Classic Stage Location: The level entrance is just beneath the lever. Backtrack and then hop to the platform beneath the lever’s position.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex:

  • Lever Location: After defeating the Cyber-Mancubus and using the objective terminal, you’ll need to jump over multiple perilous spires over a bottomless pit. The objective is a tiny vent — look to the rock wall on the right of the three-pipe configuration. There are two vertical pipes, one white, the other darker grey — you’ll want to reach the tiny platform attached to the darker grey pipe.
  • Classic Stage Location: The level door is located in the arena with the first appearance of the Cyber-Mancubus upgrade. Just move along the walls opposite the cliffs.

Level 9 – Lazarus Facility:

  • Lever Location: Deep in the facility, you’ll reach a disgusting circular room that looks like human sacrifices took place in the center. As you enter the room, go down the steps and turn right to spot the lever.
  • Classic Stage Location: Drop into the hole in the center of the chamber, the one filled with blood and sacrificed skeletons, to reach the hidden level.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm:

  • Lever Location: The lever is located directly to your left after opening the Yellow Skull door. But, it’s trapped behind a wall of rocks. Continue forward and use clear the post-Yellow Skull door room of enemies, then hit the skull switch. This allows you to proceed — and it lowers the rock wall in front of the level switch.
  • Classic Stage Location: The level itself is located in the anti-chamber where the Yellow Door is located. Back-track and go down the path to the left of the Yellow Door (if you’re facing the door, if you’re facing away from the door, go right) and enter the green pit filled with poison muck. The classic level door is located there.

Level 11 – The Necropolis:

  • Lever Location: The lever is located in the same arena as the Yellow Skull. It’s a chamber with a blood reflection pool in the center. Look in one of the alcoves to find the lever.
  • Classic Stage Location: Use the lever to open the door you enter the arena through. Continue back, ignore the ramps on the left leading to the start of the level, and instead take the path on your right. It leads up into an optional room with the door to the secret stage.

Level 12 – Vega Central Processing:

  • Lever Location: While progressing through Vega Central Processing, you’ll pass by a locked Blue Keycard door. If you pass near it, you’ll see a marked Elite Guard and Automap Station inside. Once you get the Blue Keycard, return to this room. The lever is found behind some small boxes.
  • Classic Stage Location: Return to the long blue-hued hallway on the path leading to the Blue Keycard. Continue on to the end of the blue-hued hall to reach the level entrance.

Level 13 – Argent D’Nur:

  • Lever Location: Far into the stage, you’ll find an optional skull switch on the stairs leading up and around to the Wraith Soul encounter. Push this switch to open a secret path in the arena with the massive stone skull. Follow the path to a bloody trail that leads to the final lever.
  • Classic Stage Location: The secret room is right next to the lever, in the same area — it’s hard to miss.

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