DOOM (2016): All 26 Collectibles – Every Nook & Cranny Trophy Guide


Collectibles are a fact of life, even when the universe goes to Hell. DOOM (2016) promises plenty of collectibles, and finding these hidden items won’t be a walk in the park. Below you’ll find locations for every collectible, organized by mission and explained in detail. It’s the only way to stay out of gaming purgatory.

DOOM (2016) is a reboot of the classic FPS, returning to Mars, Hell, and everything in-between. The heroically silent “Doom Guy” is your gun-wielding point-of-view as you blast and saw through a huge variety of demonic alien enemies. To mix things up, you’ll find permanent upgrades like magic runes and weapon upgrades to customize your character. There’s a lot to learn about DOOM (2016), so let the developers explain with their launch trailer commentary.

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Collectibles Locations Guide

The collectibles of DOOM (2016) are just that — little action figures of the DOOM Guy in all his green-armored glory. There are 26 of these collectibles, with two collectibles hidden in each level.

Level 1 – The UAC:

  • Collectible #1: At the locked door, turn right and follow the narrow cave. It circles left to reach the blue key card. There’s also a large crate nearby. Jump onto the crate, then up onto the ledge to find your first collectible.
  • Collectible #2: Later, you’ll reach a narrow canyon either to your left (and left of the burning destroyed pipe on the upper pathway) with a view of the Resource Operations building in the distance. Drop into the cave and look on your left for a path marked with green neon lights. The cave leads straight to the second little Doom figure.

Level 2 – Resource Operations:

  • Collectible #3: Leaving through the airlock, you’ll need to enter a control room through an elevator. Outside the control room, look for a crate underneath — jump to the crate, then climb onto the vents outside the control room objective. Use the vents to reach the rooftop and enter the large interior vent to find the collectible.
  • Collectible #4: The second collectible is in the VEGA terminal chamber. Turn left as you enter the half-circle room. Climb the pile of boxes and hop into the vent to get this figure.

Level 3 – Foundry:

  • Collectible #5: Through the Yellow Keycard door, look inside the crates on the conveyor belt. One of the crates near the center is open with robotic arms working nearby. Hop inside the open crate to get an easy collectible.
  • Collectible #6: In the room where you collect the Yellow Keycard, go to the pool of lava in the back corner. Jump over the railing to land on a platform beneath the walkway to find this figure.

Level 4 – Argent Facility:

  • Collectible #7: In the robot hangar room that leads to the first Argent filter objective, look for stack crates in one of the bays. Jump on the crates to reach a catwalk that contains this collectible.
  • Collectible #8: From the exterior Gore Nest encounter, travel down the cave path until you see the sky-box in the distance. Turn right to find a broken lift. Jump up the lift, then hop out onto the exterior vent to reach the other side the walkway. The second action figure of this level is here.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower:

  • Collectible #9: When you first enter the tower, you’ll reach a curved passage bathed in red light with revolving cell devices. Follow one through a passage and drop down into a second similar passage. There is a walkway to the left, but ignore it and continue down the second curved path. Continue down the tracks to the stopped cell. Climb up onto the cell, jump across to the ramping ledge, up to another platform, and into the un-shielded tracks which lead to another area with a safe walkway on the left. That’s where you’ll find the action figure.
  • Collectible #10: Later on, after dealing with the arena on the lowest level of the tower you’ll ride up to a central device that glows red and periodically opens up to shoot out red arcs of electricity. There are ramps sloping up surrounding this part of the machine. Underneath one of the ramps you can drop down to find a hidden alcove with this collectible. Explore the ramps and check your map to spot it easily.

Level 6 – Kandingir Sanctum:

  • Collectible #11: After collecting the Yellow Skull and then the Blue Skull you’ll teleport back to an area at the start of the map. Open the large skull-encrusted door and turn right before stepping into the green teleporter. There’s an easy secret area with this figure.
  • Collectible #12: Open the large red sigil door by jumping across the floating platforms to a skull switch, then clear the blood-filled arena of Mancubus and demon enemies. From there, move up the stairs and watch your right side for a slightly taller rock spire. On one edge, there is a climbable edge that leads to the collectible. You’ll find this before reaching the Field Drone at the top of the steps.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed):

  • Collectible #13: Right at the start, you’ll climb up and around the walkways until you reach a two-floor platform with a pair of spinning vent blades above. Hop down and get into the cave carved into the right to the right of this area to find the first collectible figure in this level.
  • Collectible #14: In the room with the Yellow Keycard, look up at the ceiling to spot a missing section. Jump up into the upper platform to find this doll.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex:

  • Collectible #15: After meeting the Mancubus, use the terminal switch to lower the blue forcefield and jump across the rock spires toward the objective vent. Along the rock wall to the right of the open vent, you’ll see ledges leading up to an opening near a pair of vertical pipes. Enter this area to get the first figure.
  • Collectible #16: In the lab area, go to Prototype Lab 1 and jump on the container in the center. From here, double-jump to the open vent and crawl through to reach another collectible figure.

Level 9 – Lazarus Labs:

  • Collectible #17: In the large room with the Hell tablets displayed on the walls, look behind the stone tablets on the left and crawl through the vents. In this area, there is a path that leads to more vents and a collectible figure.
  • Collectible #18: In the Lazarus Archive room (past the long loading screen) you’ll want to reach the first level up from the bottom floor and move right. Look in the archive for a red light (instead of the usual yellow) — you can interact with that button. Press it to reveal the collectible.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm:

  • Collectible #19: In the large combat arena with the teleporter on the bottom floor, you’ll find this collectible behind a wall that only raises once the enemies have all been cleared. This is after entering the first green teleporter, but before entering the second green teleporter.
  • Collectible #20: Later, in the room with the bone-walls and blue locked door, use the yellow jump pad to reach the upper platform. Across from the platform, you should spot a secret room across the gap. Double-jump to reach it and grab this doll. Just check your map in the blue room door, if you explore, the collectible is likely to appear.

Level 11 – The Necropolis:

  • Collectible #21: After getting both Skull Keys, you’ll drop into a grey section with the hanging platforms on chains suspended over a bottomless pit, you’ll need to jump into an open skull mouth. Before you do, near the end of the platforming challenge, turn around to spot a small platform underneath the others before reaching the skull. The action figure is located on this secret platform.
  • Collectible #22: Later, you’ll reach a large arena with a massive goat skull in the background. This is the Icon of Sin — shoot the glowing red symbol on the goat skull’s forehead and a small skull-textured cube will shoot out. Follow where it lands. That’s where the second doll will spawn in this level.

Level 12 – Vega Central Processing:

  • Collectible #23: At the very start of the level, exit through the airlock and jump to the upper platform to get a view of the destruction at the base below. Stick to the right wall and use the pipe to reach a maintenance hatch. Rip it open and follow the vent to get this doll.
  • Collectible #24: After completing the first arena (shutting down the two switches and using the security terminal) — go to the room with the Pinkie demons that lead to the elevators. Don’t use the elevators, instead enter the dark corner of the Pinkie demon room. There’s a hatch — open it, drop down, and get the Blue Keycard from the corpse. Leave through the blue door, then enter the blue door opposite the Automap terminal. To the left of the Elite Guard corpse, drop through the hole. You’ll land on a platform outside. Follow it and ump over the support strut to get this hard-to-find doll.

Level 13 – Argent D’Nur:

  • Collectible #25: At the second Wraith Soul objective, once you clear out the demons and the gates lower to the Wraith Soul itself, check the left-hand stairs while going up to the Wraith Soul platform. There is a crack in the stairs that leads to this action figure.
  • Collectible #26: The final collectible is earned for defeating the last boss. You can’t miss it.

Trophies Unlocked:

  • Historian (Bronze): Find all Data Logs
  • Every Nook & Cranny (Silver): Find all Collectibles

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