DOOM (2016): Elite Guard Locations – Praetor Points Guide


The green armor is back in DOOM (2016) — and this time you can get upgrades. Like the Weapon Mod upgrading system, the Praetor suit comes with different options and multiple upgrades you can purchase by collecting Praetor points. There’s only one way to earn Praetor tokens, and that’s by finding hidden Elite Guard corpses. If you’re having trouble tracking these guys down, check out the location tips below to make your life just a little bit easier.

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Elite Guards / Praetor Points – Locations Guide

Elite Guard corpses, when discovered, reward the player with one Praetor Point. These points are used for upgrading the DOOM Marine’s armor. Find them all to max out your suit upgrades.

Level 1 – The UAC:

  • Elite Guard #1: The first Elite Guard corpse is found right after you open the Blue Keycard door. From that door, travel up the right-path up into the cave network. In the back corner of the cave, you’ll find an Automap Station. Turn left, and down the corridor you’ll find your red-armored dead body. Interact to collect a Praetor Point.

Level 2 – Resource Operations:

  • Elite Guard #2: The first Elite Guard is located in the hallway between the Yellow Card security station and the arena where you destroy the Gore Nest. Collect the Yellow Keycard, return to the security station and use the terminal. The hatch in the hallway is now open. Drop down to find the Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard #3: Now that the security station has opened doors across the facility, return to the area you first collected the Yellow Keycard. Enter through the now unlocked door on the right, enter the vent, and drop into the room below. In this locked room, you’ll find an Elite Guard and bonus armor.
  • Elite Guard #4: Leaving the Mars exterior, you’ll head toward the VEGA terminal. Opening the locked door from the security station, you’ll enter a room with the VEGA terminal ahead. Turn left instead and climb up into the small office with the final Elite Guard inside.

Level 3 – Foundry:

  • Elite Guard #5: Past the Field Drone, you’ll find a terminal that needs a hand to activate. Follow the Hell Knight to the tall lava-filled room where the bridge is destroyed in the center. Drop down to the bottom level, and enter the small room in the back-right corner.
  • Elite Guard #6: Open the Yellow Card door and move through the conveyor belt hallway. Before entering the Gore Nest arena, turn right and climb the crates to reach a vent that leads to the Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard #7: Right before the end of the level, as you leave the generator arena, you’ll enter an arena with this Elite Guard. He’s hard to miss.

Level 4 – Argent Facility:

  • Elite Guard #8: Leaving the Hell Knight encounter, you’ll enter a massive open area with a blue forcefield and a cargo transport parked in the center. Follow the lower path from here and look left for a cave alcove beneath the raised platform on the left side of this area. Hop up into this alcove to find an Elite Guard corpse.
  • Elite Guard #9: From the central open area with the blue shield and parked cargo transport, travel down the path to the large blue chamber with giant vats filled with glowing liquid. Instead of going in there, continue down the rock ledge path that leads to a curved hallway. At the end of the path, you’ll find the Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard #10: Climb to the half-circle structure in the arena with the exterior Gore Nest. From there, jump to the walkway that leads to the second floor of the second Gore Nest interior encounter where the Summoner spawns. The Elite Guard is located on that exterior hallway right between the two Gore Nests.
  • Elite Guard #11: When all three Argent filters are destroyed, you’ll be able to reach a second exterior Gore Nest. From that arena, go inside to the room with a hologram. Turn left at the hologram to find this guard.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower:

  • Elite Guard #12: When you double-jump over the pipes to the entrance to the Argent Energy Tower, don’t go inside just yet. Instead, drop down onto the platforms beneath the entrance walkway to reach a hidden Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard #13: Inside the curved passages with the revolving red cells, you’ll need to follow one cell and drop into another path below. Hop onto the walkway on the left and turn around to find this Elite Guard in a doorway.
  • Elite Guard #14: Reach the second area halfway up the tower with revolving cells in curved passages that you need to dodge. In this area, you’ll use stopped elevators to reach the upper floor. After climbing up the elevators, look in the elevator shaft between the two to find a small hidden alcove with this Elite Guard.

Level 6 – Kandingir Sanctum:

  • Elite Guard #15: Unlock the large Yellow Skull Door to find a tome on the left and an Elite Guard on the right.
  • Elite Guard #16: After passing the Argent Cell station and entering an open area with Cacodemons on the right, continue toward the large objective door with the red marker and turn right. Jump over the spires to reach the cavern with a ramp leading up and around. On the upper ledge, turn right to spot the Elite Guard. This is on the path to opening the objective door.
  • Elite Guard #17: Clear the next arena from the previous Elite Guard and move up the steps to reach a Field Drone station. From the station, turn right to spot a yellow jump pad. Jump over that pad and move down the hall to find an Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard #18: The last Elite Guard is past the arena with the Barons of Hell. Move down and jump across the floating rocks, then you’ll reach stairs leading up. Take the right path around to an Ancient Rune. To the right of the lore rune, climb the rocks and jump into the small enclosure with the guard inside.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed):

  • Elite Guard #19: After climbing the maintenance walkways, you’ll drop into a skybridge through the destroyed roof. Before continuing, immediately turn around.
  • Elite Guard #20: One of the trickiest Praetor points is located at the Rune Trial rock. Check your map from the rock to see a tiny ledge beneath. Drop down toward the bottomless pit and use the double-jump to maneuver onto the platform below. The vent leads to this guard.
  • Elite Guard #21: Leave the arena where the Pinkie demons spawn and follow the hologram outside to another arena with a blue jump pad directly ahead and to your right. Use it to land on the upper level and you’ll see the Elite Guard directly ahead.
  • Elite Guard #22: After collecting the Yellow Keycard, drop into the elevator shaft. The platform will drop — turn around and jump to the newly-revealed vent.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex:

  • Elite Guard #23: At the start of the level, go explore the women’s bathroom and hop up into the open vent in the ceiling.
  • Elite Guard #24: The next guard is found after taking the elevator out of the giant robot CEO’s office. Once you exit, follow the left wall around to the corpse.
  • Elite Guard #25: In the area with the ventilation fans, ride the wind up and turn left to enter a room that’s in your normal progression path. Turn left in this room and enter the unlocked door to find this guard.

Level 9 – Lazarus Labs:

  • Elite Guard #26: The first Elite Guard is found after destroying the first Gore Nest combat arena. Continue into the hallway with the hologram and stop at the maintenance door. Turn around and jump into the open vent hatch, crawl through and open the vent to reach a secret room with this Praetor point.
  • Elite Guard #27: Drop into the room with the Mancubus experiment in the center. Once the doors open, jump up to the raised door straight ahead and use the security terminal to open the secret room containing an Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard #28: Past the hellish underground church, you’ll enter a gross sacrificial area. Drop through the hole in the middle to find an Elite Guard corpse.
  • Elite Guard #29: The last Elite Guard for this level is down the long hallways and past the Lazarus reactor viewing station where an Olivia hologram appears. Continue through one of two halls with bronze/gold trim and turn right to reach a bloody break room. There’s a vent in the wall here. Climb in and drop down to find the guard corpse.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm:

  • Elite Guard #30: In the room with the stone bridge over the green acid below, look under the bridge for a skull switch. Activate it, then locate the door that’s opening in the back-right corner of the room, beneath the cage to the Field Drone.
  • Elite Guard #31: Collect the Yellow Skull key and drop down into the area with the green acid in the middle after escaping the trap. Go down the steps to the lower area filled with green acid, and you’ll find the Elite Guard across from a red Skull switch.

Level 11 – The Necropolis:

  • Elite Guard #32: After collecting both colored Skull Keys, you’ll clear the arena and drop into a grey expanse below. Jump over the gaps and enter the giant skull mouth. A Cyber Mancubus will stand guard in the hallway. In this hallway, you’ll find an armor pick-up and an Elite Guard corpse.
  • Elite Guard #33: The second elite guard is found in the Icon of Sin arena. When you reach the chamber with the massive goat skull, clear the enemies until you reach a smaller hallway. Two Barons of Hell will spawn and a Cyber Mancubus. Near the Cyber Mancubus, to the left of the exit door, is the Elite Guard corpse.

Level 12 – Vega Central Processing:

  • Elite Guard #34: The first Elite Guard is located just as you leave the airlock at the beginning of the level. Stick to the wall on the right to find a bloody corner with this guard.
  • Elite Guard #35: After clearing the first arena and shutting down the security terminal, you’ll enter hallways with Possessed Engineers. Follow the right wall around to a lower area with a Blue Keycard access door. Return here with the Blue Keycard to gain entrance and grab this Elite Guard. To get the Blue Keycard, go to the room with the Pinkie demons and enter the dark hall with the Chainsaw embedded at the window. Open the hatch here, drop down, and follow the path to the blue corpse with this keycard.
  • Elite Guard #36: Riding the tram to the station, you’ll need to clear the enemies and reach another long ramp lift shaft. Instead of riding the ramp up, drop down to the platforms beneath the receiving platform. There are ledges you can maneuver around and drop to a balcony with this Elite Guard. Ride the elevator up to leave.

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