DOOM (2016): Find Every Collectible – All Automaps Guide


If you’re a collectibles maniac and want to find everything there is in DOOM (2016), there’s one type of terminal you’ll want to track down in each and every level. The Automap Station instantly provides you with a full map of the level, even marking collectible locations for easy exploration. While secrets aren’t marked, unexplored areas are colored gray, making it easy to scan an environment and see which alcoves you’ve passed by, and which locations you’ll want to check out next. Find all the Automaps with the tips and instructions in our full guide.

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Automap Terminals – Locations Guide

Automap Terminals are red computer stations (or glowing red demonic altars) — interact to reveal the entire map for your current level. Unclaimed upgrades and collectibles appear as white icons, and unexplored areas are grayed out.

Level 1 – The UAC:

  • Automap #1: The first Automap Terminal is located after opening the blue door with the Blue Keycard. Ahead, you’ll find a path leading down and a rocky ledge on the right. Jump to the rocks and enter the cave. The terminal is in the back-right corner up this passage.

Level 2 – Resource Operations:

  • Automap #2: Down the dark hallway toward the power terminal, you’ll find the Automap at the bottom of the steps leading to the control room. This is right at the start of the level, before opening the vehicle hatch and dropping down.

Level 3 – Foundry:

  • Automap #3: Reach the conveyor belt hallway with the automated robot arms and enter the Gore Nest arena at the end of the path. Go up the stairs and follow the walkways to the top to find this Automap.

Level 4 – Argent Facility:

  • Automap #4: Enter the blue-hued Cooling Tower arena with the Gore Nest through the lower entrance. On the right, you should see a windowed room with a broken door. Interact to pull the door open and you’ll find the Automap right inside.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower:

  • Automap #5: Found in the entrance control room of the actual Argent Energy Tower. In the computer room, you’ll find an Elite Guard in the corner near the elevator door with the Automap Terminal to the right.

Level 6 – Kandingir Sanctum:

  • Automap #6: Past the Blue Skull door, you’ll need to jump over the platforms and reach a skull switch to open the exit and enter a larger arena with blood on the lower level. From the entrance, once the area is clear, enter the cave on the back left to get the Automap. You may need to explore deeper into the level before the wall lowers.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed):

  • Automap #7: In the chamber where the Pinkie demons first appear, look in the corner to the right of the terminal used to activate the keycard hologram.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex:

  • Automap #8: Enter the women’s bathroom from the start of the level and jump through the open ceiling vent. Crawl through to access a secret room with an Elite Guard and an Automap Terminal.

Level 9 – Lazarus Labs:

  • Automap #9: Past the Field Drone, continue down the hallways, through two doors with circular locking mechanisms, and into a control room with a view of the Lazarus generator on the right. Look on the left walls opposite the computer terminals to find a vent. Interact with the vent and drop through the passage to eventually reach an Automap.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm:

  • Automap #10: From the Skull switch, you’ll enter an arena with a locked teleporter. Clear the enemies, enter the teleporter, and you’ll reach a second arena with a locked teleporter. Defeat the enemies a second time and enter this second teleporter and you’ll be face-to-face with the Automap on the left.

Level 11 – The Necropolis:

  • Automap #11: In the combat arena with the Yellow Skull key, press the Skull switch, then move toward the Yellow Skull. Don’t pick up the skull yet, instead go to the alcove on the right of the Yellow Skull to use the Automap. If you get the skull first, the gate will close.

Level 12 – Vega Central Processing:

  • Automap #12: Past the first large combat arena, you’ll reach hallways that lead to the elevator lobby. In these hallways, look for a path downstairs to reach a room between two locked blue doors. The Automap is available in the lower area, you won’t need the Blue Keycard to reach it.

Level 13 – Argent D’Nur:

  • Automap #13: From the start, continue down toward the two giant armored statues flanking a spinning red orb of energy. Once you’re at the base of this path, you’ll need to take a right. Don’t jump across the platforms yet, keep looking right to find stairs leading up to the final Automap.

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