DOOM (2016): Argent Cells Upgrade Locations Guide


The most powerful upgrades to your progression in DOOM (2016) are the Argent Cells. Each time you collect a cell, you’ll instantly gain a permanent increase to your health, armor or ammo capacity. Going from 100 Health to 200 Health (after five Argent Cell upgrades) can do wonders for your survival in the realms of Hell. Learn where to get all fifteen of these hidden upgrades with the complete locations guide below.

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Argent Cells – Locations Guide

Argent Cell containers provide an instant upgrade to one of three stats; health, armor, and ammo capacity. You can fully upgrade the DOOM Marine’s stats (200 Health, 200 Armor) and full ammo capacity by collecting all 15 Argent Cells.

Level 2 – Resource Operations:

  • Argent Cell #1: The first Argent Cell cannot be missed.

Level 3 – Foundry:

  • Argent Cell #2: From the upper walkways of the large Foundry chamber, use the stairs or drop down to the center path (where you can access the maintenance hallways) and follow the walkways around to a dead-end corner with this Argent Cell. It’s just to the left of the complex maintenance maze.

Level 4 – Argent Facility:

  • Argent Cell #3: Found in the main “hub” area of the map. You’ll reach an area with a floating transport at a blue forcefield gate. Past that, look for Building “4” — it’s the one labeled Cargo. Go inside and circle around the cargo equipment in the back-right corner to find a path to the cell container.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower:

  • Argent Cell #5: Past the locker room with the double-jump boots, you’ll reach an exterior platform with pipes above it. Climb up onto the pipes and explore the area above the double-jump item room to find this Argent Cell upgrade.
  • Argent Cell #6: Up the tower, you’ll enter a control room and interact with a terminal that activates the flying sentry drones that allow you to climb higher up into the tower. In this room, there’s a path that leads to an Argent Cell.

Level 6 – Kandingir Sanctum:

  • Argent Cell #7: The Argent Cell is found to the right just as you open the Blue Skull door. Very hard to miss.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed):

  • Argent Cell #8: From the helipad arena, turn toward the path you just used to reach this area and spot a tall rock spire platform that’s within double-jump range. Get on that spire to find the cell container.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex:

  • Argent Cell #9: The first Argent Cell can’t be missed. You’ll find it in the security room with the objective terminal you’ll have to interact with to open the way deeper into the complex.
  • Argent Cell #10: After the Mancubus arena encounter, you’ll enter a security room and deactivate the forcefield fence blocking the way to the pipes and platforming area. Jumping into the bottomless pit rock spires, look left for a horizontal white pipe that leads to a small alcove room across from the objective vent. Hop into this area to get the second Argent Cell.

Level 9 – Lazarus Labs:

  • Argent Cell #11: The one Argent Cell of this map is located in Olivia Pierce’s personal office.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm:

  • Argent Cell #12: Past the Yellow Key trap, go down the steps into the square room filled with narrow corridors and green acid floors. Push the Skull switch next to the Elite Guard corpse and continue back to the previous room. Directly across the room, you’ll find an open door with a Data Log and an Argent Cell.

Level 11 – The Necropolis:

  • Argent Cell #13: Through the first teleporter, head down the stairs and take a left to reach a Data Log room. In the corner of this optional room, you’ll also find an Argent Cell.

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