DOOM (2016): Check Out This Playable Candy Crush Easter Egg

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Take a break from eviscerating demons in DOOM (2016) with this awesomely ridiculous playable mini-game. Found by TestedModz on Youtube, the DOOM Marine takes a break with a casual game patterned after puzzlers like Candy Crush — if you can find the right terminal. Check out the video and get the details in the guide below.

Not-so-shockingly, this isn’t the first Easter egg revealed in this FPS reboot. Before release, the developers showed off hidden class DOOM levels, and every stage features multiple secret areas reminiscent of the original — only this time those obscure alcoves hide tiny DOOM Marine doll collectibles. Weird? Sure, but that’s what we expect from iD.

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Demon Destruction – Easter Egg

Found in a later level, you’ll get the objective to “Shut Down the Portal – Reclaim the Crucible” — moving past the front desk, you’ll enter a lab with a holographic diagram of the DOOM Guy’s armor. To the left of that display, there’s a simple computer terminal. Get close and you’ll get the “Use” prompt. Do it to start playing the cute little mini-game below.

You’ll begin a game called “Demon Destruction” — with the objective to match the sprites from classic DOOM, causing the monsters to explode violently as new creatures drop from above. It’s a variation on the popular Candy Crush casual formula.

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