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Earn permanent upgrades in DOOM (2016) with the hidden Runes. These glowing green artifacts are hidden in every level, and can be unlocked by completing trial missions — but only if you can find the Rune stones. Runes can change the way you play completely, altering your mid-air jumps, providing infinite ammo under certain conditions, or get a second chance a life. There are a dozen Rune Trials to complete in DOOM (2016), and below you’ll find out what each upgrade does and where to get them.

DOOM drops the green marine back on Mars for another alien massacre. Instead of focusing on frights like DOOM 3, this reboot is all about ass-kicking action. Your walk cycle is fast, and your reload animation is even faster — DOOM pits you against the armies of Hell and throws in tons of crazy tools to help you survive. More than just an arsenal of cool guns, the weapons of DOOM (2016) are further augmented by unlockable weapon upgrades. The Runes are another class of upgrades, and we’ll cover them in detail right here.

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Runes Guide

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Runes are special upgrades that can be equipped for permanent bonuses to the DOOM Guy’s abilities. To unlock Runes you must find the hidden green glowing stones. Interacting with the stone will reveal a Rune Trial.

Rune Trials are short challenges with requirements, such as killing a certain amount of demons in less than two minutes with a particular weapon. Completing the Rune Trial rewards the player with a Rune that can be equipped. Runes, much like perks in over games, provide a game-changing bonuses — some give infinite ammo at 100 Armor, more Glory Kill rewards, increase length of stagger effects, and much more.

Every Rune has one upgrade, and the Doom Guy can unlock three slots to equip up to three Runes simultaneously.


Runes List

Below you’ll find every type of Rune, what they do, where to find them, and how to upgrade.

The upgrade challenge for each Rune can be found in the Rune menu — these are passive challenges that can be completed at any point in the game.

Rune Slots are unlocked after completing 1 Rune Trial, 4 Rune Trials, and 7 Rune Trials to earn a total of 3 Rune equipment slots.


Increases the range that you can absorb dropped items.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 4 – Right at the start, you’ll need to platform across a pillar with two platforms and jump into a cave. This rune is right in your path deeper inside the cave.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Combat Shotgun – Kill 15 Imps
  • Upgrade Challenge: Unknown (To-Be-Updated)

Upgraded: Further increases range for absorbing dropped items.

Dazed and Confused:

Increases how long demons remain in a stagger state.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 4 – Once you climb up from the lower cargo chamber to reach the second Argent Filter objective, go to the larger garage-like area to the left. There are massive cargo transports parked in three bays in the back of the room. Enter the empty bay and hop up to the accessible transport flat bed to find this rune.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Pistol – Destroy 30 Barrels
  • Upgrade Challenge: Perform 25 Death From Above Glory Kills

Upgraded: Demon staggers last even longer.

Ammo Boost:

Increases the value of ammo received from demons and items.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 5 – Get the double-jump boots, then backtrack slightly in the same room. There’s a raised area that’s mostly blocked with fences. In an alcove with crates, hop over into the room. Check your map near the double-jump boots to see the trial marker.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Super Shotgun – Kill 30 Unwilling
  • Upgrade Challenge: Pick up 500 Ammo Items.

Upgraded: BFG ammo has a chance to drop from demons.

Equipment Power:

Increases the effectiveness of Equipment items.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 5 – Moving up the massive tower, you’ll reach a second curved interior chamber section with rotating cells. At the end of one of these halls, you’ll see there is a missing wall. Jump out onto the narrow ledge and move left to discover the rune trial.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Combat Shotgun – Kill 10 Unwilling with Explosive Barrels
  • Upgrade Challenge: Use Equipment 30 times.

Upgraded: Further increases the effectiveness of Equipment items.


Perform glory kills faster.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 6 – After acquiring the Blue and Yellow skulls, return to the lower area where you first acquired the Yellow Skull. There is a Blue Skull Door nearby. Use the floating platforms to reach the high path above the blue door.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Super Shotgun – Use limited movement to reach the Altar.
  • Upgrade Challenge: Perform 25 unique Glory Kills while Savagery is equipped.

Upgraded: Further increases speed of glory kills.

Seek and Destroy:

Launch into a Glory Kill from much further away.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 6 – Get the Blue and Yellow skulls, then enter a large open area filled with Mancubus right after opening the objective door with a skull switch. Clear the area past the door of enemies, then look for a small cave to the side of this bloody sacrificial area. This is at the bottom of the steps, before reaching the Field Drone.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Assault Rifle – Kill 3 Hell Knights with Glory Kills
  • Upgrade Challenge: Glory Kill 75 demons.

Upgraded: Increases the distance Seek and Destroy can be initiated.

In-Flight Mobility

Provides a significant increase in control over in-air movement after a double-jump.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 7 – Early in the mission, drop down to the area with the cylinder structure and look out toward the bottomless pit expanse. There’s a raised chunk of rock with a very visible rune trial. Hard to miss.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Collect 15 Hell Relics
  • Upgrade Challenge: Kill 30 demons while mid-air.

Upgraded:  Applies air-control to a single jump.

Armored Offensive

Glory Killing demons drops armor.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 7 – At the end of the level, before you reach the helipad arena, you’ll step out onto a balcony walkway. The helipad is to the right, while the rune is to the left. Turning left, you can jump across to a lower walkway that looks like it’s close to the beginning of the stage. Circle around to find the trial.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Combat Shotgun – Kill all Enemies
  • Upgrade Challenge: Earn 2500 points of Armor

Upgraded: More armor drops per Glory Kill.

Blood Fueled

Move faster for a short time after performing a Glory Kill.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 8 – After fighting the Cyber Mancubus for the first time, you’ll press a terminal button to lower the security field. That removes a forcefield to the pipes, but it also opens a door in the arena opposite the terminal room. Go though the new open door to find this rune.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Assault Rifle – Kill all enemies with limited movement
  • Upgrade Challenge: Kill 50 demons using the speed boost.

Upgraded: Extends how long you can move faster after performing a Glory Kill.

Intimacy is Best:

Demons become more Glory Kill friendly due to a high damage resistance when staggered.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 8 – Collect the BFG weapon and enter the area where you need to hit the terminal switch in the center of the large white lobby. There’s an unlocked door off to the right side of this objective. Inside the room, one of the walls is missing a panel. Enter this maintenance pathway to reach the rune.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Pistol – Glory Kill 8 Imps
  • Upgrade Challenge: Stagger 100 demons.

Upgraded: Demons stagger off less damage.

Rich Get Richer:

Firing your standard weapons will not cost ammo when you have 100 Armor or more.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 9 – Past the Field Drone you’ll reach an area with work stations on the right and a few Possessed. Continue up through the door on the left to a small hallway with a hatch on the floor. Kick the hatch open and crawl through the vents to reach this trial.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Rocket Launcher – Kill 14 enemies in 1:30 or less.
  • Upgrade Challenge: Unknown (To-Be-Updated)

Upgraded: Unknown (To-Be-Updated)

Saving Throw:

Get one chance to survive a death blow and recover health. This resets on death.

  • Rune Trial Location: Level 9 – Leaving the sacrificial area, move through the halls to on the way to shutting down the Lazarus reactor. Past the two hallways with the bronze/gold metal trim, go right into a break room with a vent. It leads to an Elite Guard and this final Rune Trial.
  • Rune Trial Requirements: Unknown (To-Be-Updated)
  • Upgrade Challenge: Kill 10 demons while Saving Throw is active.

Upgraded:  Get an additional Saving Throw per life.

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