DOOM (2016): Field Drone Locations & Weapon Mods Guide


See what’s up with the gun-altering mods in DOOM (2016) with our weapons guide, providing all the details on arsenal upgrades and how to acquire them. Every weapon in DOOM (2016) can be customized to change how it’s used in combat — the Assault Rifle can be modded with a scope and penetrating bullets, or gain a compliment of micro-missiles. There are tons of ways to upgrade and adjust your demon-blasting style, and we’re here to provide a full list of info on every weapon.

The Super Shotgun and the BFG are back with other classics like the Plasma Rifle and chainsaw. Basics like the Shotgun, Pistol, and Assault Rifle join cooler new tools like the Gauss Cannon. Even the simple Pistol can turn into something killer with the right mods — and unlocking the best upgrades will make life easier when you’re fighting in the depths of Hell itself.

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Weapon Mods, Field Drones & Upgrades Guide

Every weapon can be equipped with one of two weapon mods. Once acquired, weapon mods can be upgraded at Field Drones. When a mod is equipped, the Doom Marine can upgrade their chosen mod by spending weapon points or completing challenges.

Weapon points are earned through a variety of ways; exploring secret areas, finding resources, or completing mission challenges. Every mission features three major challenges to complete.

Field Drones Locations

Field Drones are floating robots that, when activated, allow you to pick one of two Weapon Mods for each of the weapons in your arsenal. Some Field Drones are easy to find, but a few are going to be tough. Learn where to get them all below.

Level 1 – The UAC:

  • Field Drone #1: The first Field Drone is located after you open the Blue Door. Take the upper path (on the right) and don’t go up through the cave path. Instead, jump across the small canyon (the same one where the secret classic level door is located) and look in the cave entrance on the right.

Level 2 – Resource Operations:

  • Field Drone #2: After dealing with the Gore Nest, you’ll take an elevator up and continue to follow the holographic figure across the walkways. Just to the right, before heading down the path to the Yellow Keycard corpse, you’ll find a Field Drone with a Data Log.

Level 3 – Foundry:

  • Field Drone #3: When the door opens into the massive foundry main chamber, turn left and jump across the destroyed section of catwalk. Turn left and enter the room with visible armor in a vent. In the right-corner of this room, you’ll find a Field Drone.

Level 4 – Argent Facility:

  • Field Drone #4: Leaving the gory maintenance rooms, you’ll fight through Hell Knights and reach a large exterior area with a parked hovering cargo transport parked near a blue forcefield. Use the rocky ledges to reach a large cargo door beneath this transport. Inside the hangar you’ll find the first Field Drone of this level.
  • Field Drone #5: From the first exterior Gore Nest, enter the nearby hydroponics laboratory. Travel up the steps and turn right to find the drone.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower:

  • Field Drone #6: On the bridge before reaching the tower itself, jump across to the tall stairwell on the left and move up to another bridge connected to a control room area. This area is where you’ll find the field drone.

Level 6 – Kadingir Sanctum:

  • Field Drone #7: After opening the red marked door with the skull switch and entering an arena filled with blood where the Mancubus and other demons spawn, continue up the stairs. At the top, turn left to spot this hard-to-miss field drone.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed):

  • Field Drone #8: In the area near the end with electrified water, look for a terminal control near the lowered bridge. It moves a suspended platform so you can jump to it and reach the alcove with this drone.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex:

  • Field Drone #9: Reach the area with two vent shafts. The first vent shaft is disabled, while the second is already active. Shut off the turbine with the terminal to stop the wind. Go through the hatch below to locate a drone.

Level 9 – Lazarus Facility:

  • Field Drone #10: You can’t miss this one. After clearing the demons from the Gore Nest arena, continue on to the walkway with flashing lights. Open the maintenance hatch and the drone is right there in front of you.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm:

  • Field Drone #11: After dropping through the skull in the start, complete the first arena and continue on. Ahead, you’ll reach a room with a skull switch. Activate it, then turn around and to face the hallway — on the left there is a secret door, and on the right there is a Mancubus. Defeat the Mancubus and the secret door will open to reveal this drone.

Level 11 – The Necropolis:

  • Field Drone #12: The field drone is hard to miss. After collecting both colored Skull keys, you’ll drop into a grey expanse. Cross over the platforms and enter a hallway through a skull mouth. Past the hall, you’ll reach a chamber with the field drone floating in the upper left corner.

Weapon Mods List

Weapon Mods are unlocked at Field Drone stations. Finding these stations allows you to pick a Weapon Mod from an available list. Find all the Field Drones in the list beneath the Weapon Mod details.

  • Once a mod is unlocked, all upgrades cost: 1 Weapon Point for the first upgrade, 3 Weapon Points for the second Upgrade, and 5 Weapon Points for the third upgrade.
  • For certain weapons, there are only two upgrades. For these particular weapons, upgrades cost: 3 Weapon Points for the first upgrade, and 6 Weapon Points for the second upgrade.
  • Purchase the first three – or two – upgrades to unlock the Mastery upgrade. Complete the challenge listed the Arsenal tab to unlock the Mastery upgrade.

Pistol – Mods / Upgrades

  • Charged Energy Shot Mod: Hold to power-up a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Charge Efficiency Upgrade: Decrease the time it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Quick Recovery Upgrade: Decreases the recovery time for the Pistol after using a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Light Weight Upgrade: Move at full speed when using the Charged Energy Shot.
    • Mastery – Increased Power: Increases the maximum power of the Charged Energy Shot, resulting in higher damage potential.

Shotgun – Mods / Upgrades

  • Charged Burst Mod: Hold to charge a 3-round burst.
    • Speedy Recovery Upgrade: Charge Shot recharges faster.
    • Rapid Fire Upgrade: Improves Rate of Fire.
    • Quick Load Upgrade: Lower loading time.
    • Mastery – Power Shot Upgrade: Kill 5 Mancubi w/ Charged Burst – Hit with all 3 shots of the burst to increase damage on next Charged Burst.
  • Explosive Shot Mod: Hold to charge an explosive round.
    • Speedy Recovery Upgrade: Charge Shot recharges faster.
    • Bigger Boom Upgrade:  Increased explosion AOE.
    • Instant Load Upgrade:  No loading time.
    • Mastery – Cluster Strike Upgrade:  20 Direct Hits on Imps w/ Explosive Shot – Direct hit w/ Explosive Shot will spawn cluster bombs.

Super Shotgun – Mods / Upgrades

  • Improvements Mod: Upgrades improve the Super Shotgun.
    • Faster Reload Upgrade: Decreases reload time.
    • Uranium Coating: Super Shotgun blasts penetrate enemies.
    • Mastery – Double Trouble Upgrade:  Kill multiple demons w/ a single Super Shotgun blast 30 times – Fire twice before reloading.

Heavy Assault Rifle – Mods / Upgrades

  • Tactical Scope Mod: Adds a scope for zoomed-in view.
    • Uranium Coating Upgrade: While zoomed-in, bullets penetrate through enemies.
    • Skull Cracker Upgrade: While zoomed-in, bullets deal more headshot damage.
    • Light Weight Upgrade: Move faster while zoomed-in.
    • Mastery – Devastator Rounds Upgrade:  Kill 50 enemies while zoomed-in – While zoomed-in, uses powerful Devastator rounds.
  • Micro Missiles Mod: Hold to launch a rack of Micro Missiles.
    • Ammo Efficient Upgrade: Decreases ammo cost.
    • Advanced Loader Upgrade: Improves reload time.
    • Quick Launcher Upgrade: Missile rack is instantly activated.
    • Mastery – Bottomless Missiles Upgrade:  Hit 4 enemies with Micro Missiles in 5 seconds – Micro Missiles can be launched without a reload.

Chaingun – Mods / Upgrades

  • Gatling Rotator Mod: Hold to spin-up the barrel without firing.
    • Improved Torque Upgrade: Decreased spin-up time.
    • Uranium Coating Upgrade: Bullets penetrate enemies.
    • Mastery – Incendiary Rounds Upgrade:  Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds – Once max rate-of-fire is reached, bullets deal more damage.
  • Mobile Turret Mod: Hold to activate a mobile turret. Stops firing when overheated.
    • Rapid Deployment Upgrade: Decreased spin-up time.
    • Uranium Coating Upgrade: Bullets penetrate enemies.
    • Mastery – Ultimate Cooling Upgrade:  Kill 4+ enemies in a single Mobile Turret deployment, 5 times – Mobile Turret no longer stops firing when overheated.

Plasma Rifle – Mods / Upgrades

  • Heat Blast Mod: Shooting builds a Meter that charges a powerful blast fired with the Weapon Mod button.
    • Super Heated Rounds Upgrade: Shots build Heat much faster.
    • Improved Venting Upgrade: Decreased recovery time after a Heat Blast.
    • Expanded Threshold Upgrade: Increased Heat Meter for stronger Heat Blast.
    • Mastery – Heated Core Upgrade:  Kill multiple enemies with a single Heat Blast, 20 times – Heat builds automatically. Doesn’t require shooting to charge.
  • Stun Bomb Mod: Fires a Stun Bomb that staggers enemies caught in the explosion radius.
    • Quick Recharge Upgrade: Stun Bomb recharges faster.
    • Big Shock Upgrade: Increased explosion radius.
    • Longer Stun Upgrade: Increases stagger effect duration.
    • Mastery – Chain Stun Upgrade:  Kill 30 enemies effected by stagger – Any enemies killed while staggered explode with secondary Stun Bombs.

Gauss Cannon – Mods / Upgrades

  • Precision Bolt Mod: Hold to charge a powerful zoom-in shot.
    • Energy Efficient Upgrade: Decrease recharge time.
    • Light Weight Upgrade: Increased movement while zoomed-in.
    • Mastery – Volatile Discharge Upgrade: Kill 5 Hell Knights with Precision Bolt headshots – Enemies killed with Precision Bolt explode.
  • Siege Mode Mod: Hold to charge a powerful penetrating shot. Disables movement while charging.
    • Outer Beam Upgrade: Adds area-of-effect to beam shot.
    • Reduced Charge Upgrade: Decreases charge time for Siege Mode.
    • Mastery – Mobile Siege Upgrade: Enables movement while charging.

Rocket Launcher – Mods / Upgrades

  • Remote Detonation Mod: Press Weapon Mode button to explode mid-air rockets.
    • Improved Warhead Upgrade: Remote Detonation blast radius increased.
    • Jagged Shrapnel Upgrade: Damage from Remote Detonation blast causes bleed damage.
    • Mastery – External Payload Upgrade: Kill 3+ enemies with a single Remote Detonation blast, 15 times – All external rockets / explosives will detonate automatically when Remote Detonation is activated.
  • Lock-On Burst Mod: Hold to charge a lock-on burst that fires 3 rockets at once.
    • Quick Lock: Lock onto demons much faster.
    • Faster Recovery: The time before another lock can be acquired is reduced.
    • Multi-Targeting: Holding the Weapon Mod button to lock now supports up to three targets. Rockets will be divided amongst established locks.

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