LEGO Force Awakens: Get Infinite Studs With Multiplier Cheats


If you’re looking for easy cash in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then you’re going to want the Stud Multiplier Red Brick cheats. These incredibly handy cheats add multiplication to the studs equation, turning each lowly silver or gold LEGO stud into a massive money-maker. We’ve got locations for all five Stud Multiplier cheats and recommendations to get you started farming, just follow the instructions below.

So what’s the deal with Red Bricks? These unlockable cheats provide all sorts of other weird effects: disco lightsabers, invincibility, and (of course) huge stud multipliers. The stud multipliers add-up too, so you can activate x2, x4, x6, and x8 all at the same time for a massive x384 stud multiplier. That’s insane, and that’s just one reason you’re going to want these red brick locations.

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How to Get Infinite Studs With Multiplier Cheats

The Stud Multiplier Red Brick cheats are the absolute best way to earn a bottomless supply of studs. Affording all those characters, vehicles, and extras doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking to earn more studs than you’ll ever be able to spend, you’ll want to locate (and purchase) the red brick cheats listed here.

Before we go on, here are some notes on Red Bricks you’ll want to know.

  • Red Brick cheats are unlocked by finding Red Bricks located in stages. Each stage contains one (1) Red Brick.
  • After unlocking a cheat, enter the ‘Extras’ menu in Free Roam or access the Red Brick cheat store. All of your unlocked Red Brick cheats can be purchased here.
  • Unlocked Red Brick cheats can be toggled on / off in the ‘Extras’ menu. Activating Red Brick cheats will not block achievements / trophies.
  • Multiple Stud Multiplier Red Brick cheats can be activated at once. The effects will stack. Activating the x8 Multiplier and the x10 Multiplier will earn you a x80 Multiplier in-game.

That’s everything you need to know. Before spending too many studs, save your cash and purchase the x2 Studs cheat, then the x4 Studs cheat, and so on. Activate each before entering Free Roam maps and you’ll easily earn an insane amount of studs and unlock the ‘True Jedi’ challenge instantly.

Multiplier Stud Locations:

  • Stud x2 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 4: The Eravana] Free Play – After the cutscene where the monster jumps into the background. A door with yellow markers will lower and you’ll gain control. Move right of this door to find an orange hook spot. Pull it open to reveal the red brick.
  • Stud x4 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage] Free Play – This one should be easy to spot. To the left of the massive Starkiller Base entrance door, there’s a cliff where Snowtroopers spawn and hop down to fight your heroes. Use any character that can double-jump to reach the cliff and grab this red brick that’s visible in plain sight.
  • Stud x6 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 5: Maz’s Castle] Free Play – Start in the ‘Castle Approach’ section and smash the glowing white cracked wall to the left of the castle entrance. Kick it down with any giant monster character to find this brick.
  • Stud x8 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 3: Niima Outpost] Free Play – Select ‘Niima Outpost’ and begin the first section. Blast through the LEGO stuff on the right and slide under the ship to reach a new area with a busted Imperial landing craft. Behind that landing craft, further in the background, you’ll see a silver LEGO object. Switch to Chewie or any other character with explosive bombs to destroy the silver LEGO object. Wait awhile and a guy in the background will build a spaceship and fly into the sky, dropping a red brick by parachute for you.
  • Studs x10 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 10: The Finale] Free Play – When facing off against Kylo Ren, run toward the foreground and move right to spot some snowmen. Nearby, there’s a spot you can use force powers to roll a snowball — use the snowball to jump up and reach the floating Red Brick that was previously out of reach.

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