Death’s Gambit Shows Off Bosses In Latest Trailer

Death’s Gambit is an upcoming action RPG by the independent development team, White Rabbit. There’s still plenty of information and details about the game that’s still under wraps for now, but we did get a brand new trailer thanks to a post on the official PlayStation blog.

The post came from Jean Canellas, who is a game designer for White Rabbit. Jean reveals that within Death’s Gambit, you play an agent of Death who must go through an alien medieval planet in order to slay all the immortal beasts, knights, and other horrors that pop up along your journey.

Boss battles will play a big role in the game and how you defeat a boss could be determined by your class. There will be various classes to choose from that will feature certain unique gameplay elements, along with adjusting your character’s starting equipment and stats.

Because there are immortal bosses, Jean reveals that White Rabbit had developed the game to allow bosses to revive after they have been slain. While gamers don’t have to go back and defeat these bosses ever again, there may be some incentive for another fight as they could drop a variety of items.

Likewise, there are immortal NPC’s you’ll meet along the way and it’s up to you in order to determine who is immortal. By figuring out who is a mortal and immortal along the way could very well affect the overall game story. Check out the latest trailer posted above along with some screenshots down below.

As for when you can pick up the game, Death’s Gambit is due to release at some point this year for the PlayStation 4.