Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Answer All Quiz Questions

As you progress in Monster Hunter World 2, you’ll find one type of quest you can’t beat with Monsties. In certain areas, you’ll encounter Felynes that give you quiz questions. Each quest gives you a big reward, and the final set of quiz questions are pretty hard. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answers, because we’ve gone through all the quests and collected all the answers in one place. Check below for all the answers from beginning to end.

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All Quiz Answers | Felyne Sub-Quests Guide

The Paw-Throwing Felyne is an NPC that appears in Rutoh Village and asks you a series of questions. If you don’t know how to answer them all, here are the answers for your easy quiz-solving convenience. Different Felynes will appear in multiple locations with their own quiz questions. Here’s all the answers for all of these quiz quests.

  • Item Quiz 1: Rutoh Village
    • Q1: Paintball
    • Q2: Flash Bomb
    • Q3: Barrel Bomb
  • Item Quiz 2: Rutoh Village
    • Q1: Pitfall Trap
    • Q2: Shock Trap
    • Q3: Tranq Trap
  • Palico Pop Quiz 1: Lulucion
    • Q1: Zamtrios
    • Q2: Flash Bomb
    • Q3: A loud noise
  • Palico Pop Quiz 2: Lulucion
    • Q1: Rock
    • Q2: Leg
    • Q3: Spikes
  • Advanced Quiz: Felyne Shelter
    • Q1: Bow
    • Q2: Monstie’s strongest element
    • Q3: Rider’s weapon element
  • Super Hard Quiz: Felyne Shelter
    • Q1: Arzuros
    • Q2: Green Nargacuga
    • Q3: Basarios
  • Insanely Hard Quiz: Felyne Shelter
    • Q1: Red and Pink
    • Q2: Felvine Bud
    • Q3: Green Nargacuga

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