Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Turn Invisible And Skip Battles

Sick of fighting battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2? Want to just skip the den full of monsters so you can harvest the eggs instead? You can do that with the useful Stealth Rider Ability — it does exactly what you think it does. You’ll turn invisible, making you undetectable. That also makes ambushing a whole lot easier if you’re feeling spicy. Rider Abilities are special powers that each Monster possesses that can be used in the overworld outside of battles. Your starting monsters can jump long distances, while future monsters can climb vines. There are tons of useful Rider Abilities, but Stealth is one you might not even know exists. You don’t want to miss it.

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How To Get The Stealth Rider Ability | Narcacuga Monster Guide

The Stealth Rider Ability can first be acquired by Narcacuga — a monster you can find relatively early in the game. You’ll need access to West Etulle Forest, which becomes available before the Yian Garuga story quest battle.

In West Etulle Forest, enter the dens and aim for a Quite Heavy / Regular Smell egg. Narcacuga, while in your team, can turn invisible — making avoiding some annoying fights way, way easier. Sick of fighting those monkey guys? Now you can skip them entirely!

West Etulle Forest becomes available once you leave the starting island after the Pink Anjananth boss fight. Once you reach Ena’s Village, you’ll be able to further explore the area and access this useful monster.

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