Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock All Argosy Submarines | Cultivation Guide

Monster Hunter Rise is a refreshingly new experience for long-time fans, but you’ll still find useful old features like farming. Things have changed a little bit — instead of literal farming slots, you’ll gain submarines that function the exact same way. Like in the previous games, you won’t start out with all the farming slots. You’ll have to unlock them. And it’s all related to the Argosy.

The Argosy is the foreign trading ship in the Buddy Plaza area of town — after playing, you’ll eventually unlock submarines next to the Argosy. These submarines function like the farming slots from previous games. You’ll be able to farm (and cultivate) useful crafting items like honey from these submarines.

Needless to say, that’s incredibly useful. Below, you’ll find full explanations for how to fully unlock all the submarines, and how to complete the requests that give you your extra submarine slots.

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How To Unlock More Submarines At The Argosy

As you progress into the game, you’ll unlock side-quests that give you additional submarines. Simply progress, and the side-quests will become available from the Argosy. Check there, and you’ll eventually get the following quests that give you an additional submarine each.

  • Argosy Side-Quests | Submarine Unlocks
    • Cultural Exchange
    • Economic Stimulation

That gives you a total of three submarines for cultivation. To complete these quests, you’ll need to find certain items — so let’s quickly cover where to find everything you need for each side-quest.

Cultural Exchange | Request Guide

To complete this request, you need to deliver the following items to Rondine in Buddy Plaza.

  • 3 Wisplanterns
  • 3 Boatshells

Wisplanterns: Shrine Ruins – Look for Shimmering Red Berry collection nodes. There are several just north of 9. You’ll also find one right next to the main camp — check the cliff ledge behind the camp.

Boatshells: Frozen Islands – Search the Oyster Bed mining nodes in the lake areas. 5 and 10 are good places to look.

Economic Stimulation | Request Guide

To complete this request, you need to deliver the following items to Rondine in Buddy Plaza.

  • 1 King Rhino
  • 3 Rock Roses
  • 3 Bismuth Prisms

King Rhino: Flooded Forest – This is a rare bug that drops from Shining Rhino nodes. One is located at the top of the southeast pyramid. Use a barrel bomb to blast inside to find a node.

Rock Roses: Sandy Plains – Found at Desert Rose nodes. Explore 10 to find multiple nodes. 9 also has a node.

Bismuth Prisms: Lava Caverns – Check the Iridescent Ore mining nodes to find the prisms. Check your map for locations near the first sub-camp.

Complete these requests to unlock all the submarines near the Argosy. Now you can cultivate more crafting items and create all the Mega Potions you’ll ever need.