PC Port For Monster Hunter Rise Announced For 2022

The Monster Hunter franchise has been around for ages at this point. It’s proven to be a beloved franchise and over the years we’ve seen new installments released into the marketplace for various console platforms. However, it was a big change up to see a new mainline installment make its way onto the PC platform back in 2018 with Monster Hunter World.

This is the latest Monster Hunter video game available and it brings quite a bit of the formula the Monster Hunter franchise is known for. Players are once again going through a series of battles against giant monsters throughout the lands. However, to prepare for your adventure, you’ll want to ensure you have equipped the necessary gear to have an efficient battle. Afterward, it’s a big battle against the various monsters in hopes of grabbing up all the crucial resources to make new gear for other monster battles.

We know that the next Monster Hunter title to come out is Monster Hunter Rise but it was originally only meant to release on the Nintendo Switch platform. With Monster Hunter World offering a big open-world style gameplay map to explore, Monster Hunter Rise continues with this theme but offering more vertical movement. Players could scale mountains and reach new heights with this game.

Today we’re finding out that Monster Hunter Rise is now also coming to the PC platform. While the Nintendo Switch platform is set to receive this game on March 26, 2021, the title has since been revealed to receive a PC port. Unfortunately, it looks like we might be waiting a bit before we’re able to receive the PC port. Currently, Monster Hunter Rise on the PC won’t be available until at some point in 2022.

Source: Gamesradar