Monster Hunter Rise: How To Find All Sub-Camps | Locations Guide

Monster Hunter Rise is a faster, scrappier version of Monster Hunter that’s perfect for the Nintendo Switch — and travelling around each map has never been better. With your handy dog pal, you can hop on for a mounted ride. Or you can use the wirebug to travel almost anywhere on the map, making exploration a much deeper experience. See those mountains in the distance? You can climb those.

And there are fast-travel points scattered around the maps. Each map has one or two sub-camps — mini-camps where you can fast-travel or sort through your stock of items. These spots are really helpful, making it so you don’t have to trek quite so far whenever you’re on another Expedition run. Below, we’ll explain where to find all the camps right away, and how to complete the requests related to each sub-camp.

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How To Find All Sub-Camps

Sub-Camps are mini-camps where you can quickly access your items, and they’re usually located far away from your main camp on each map. They’re handy — and if you want to unlock them, you’ll need to find them.

First, you’ll need to find a small tent encampment in a hard-to-reach area that’s usually only reachable with your Wirebug. Once you find the camp, get close, then you just need to talk to Kagero The Merchant to start a side-quest. Complete the request to unlock the sub-camp permanently! Just remember to return to the quest-giver to finish the job and earn your sub-camp reward.

Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp

Sub-Camp 1: The sub-camp is located on a high ledge northeast of 10. Find the camp, then start the quest — you need to hunt 10 Izuchi. These are basic fodder monsters that spawn everywhere on the map.

Frost Islands Sub-Camps

Sub-Camp 1: We found the first sub-camp right smack between 8 and 10 on the high ridge. Use the wirebug to reach it! To complete this quest, collect two Warm Pelts — dropped by Kelbi in the Sandy Plains and Shrine Ruins. You’ll also need four Monster Bone S, which can be looted from bone piles.

Sub-Camp 2: In the waters down the long trench right between area 6 and 7. To complete this quest, you need to destroy 8 Zamite — which are just fodder monsters in the Frost Islands. No problems here.

Flooded Forest Sub-Camp

Sub-Camp 1: Found right on the high ledge southeast of area 11 on the map. Another fodder request! You just need to wipe out 8 Wroggi, which should be no problem at all for a Monster Hunter.

Sandy Plains Sub-Camp

Sub-Camp 1: Check the box canyon ruins between area 7 and 2 on the map to locate this camp. It’s basically right in the center. Crush 8 Kestodon to claim this camp for yourself. They’re the Sandy Plains fodder.

Sub-Camp 2: Found in the watery pond east of area 8. You’ll need to collect 2 Lagombi Pelts, which drop from Lagombi over in the Frost Islands. You’ll also need 2 Monster Bone M, which are dropped from big fodder critters — those Rhinos in the Sandy Plains will do.

Lava Caverns Sub-Camp

Sub-Camp 1: Found in the far north corner of area 10, next to the lava flow. This one is simple — just kill 8 of the local fodder enemies called Uroktor.

Sub-Camp 2: This camp is on the hill with the few remaining trees southeast of 6, and west of 7. To complete this one, you need 2 Tetranadon Hide — which naturally drops from Tetranadon which spawn in the Lava Caverns. You’ll also need 2 Monster Bone L, which drop after defeating large monsters. Hopefully you’ve been hunting lots of those.