Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where To Find All Royal Monsters | End-Game Guide

What to fight unique, powerful monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2? You’ll want to find the Royal Monsters — unique powerful monster breeds that you’ll only find in the fields. There are six Royal Monsters, and if you want to grab one of their eggs, you’ll need to chase them to their dens. Before you can do that, you need to find them. I recommend waiting until you’re pretty far in the game before attempting to go back and grab these special monsters.

Remember how to get monsters to retreat? Paintballs are one of the simplest methods to get the monster to retreat, spawning a Den. Go inside the den, and you’ll find the Monster waiting at its nest at the end. You’ll have to do battle again if you want to try for a rare gold egg. These monsters always spawn in the same spots, so finding them isn’t too difficult. Beating them? That’s the hard part.

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Royal Monsters | Locations Guide

Royal Monsters are special rare monsters that appear in the Overworld. They’re uniquely difficult opponents that can be avoided until you’re tough enough to handle them later in the game. If you want to know where to find all the Royal Monsters, check the locations listed below.

  • Tigrex: Alcala, Alcala Valley — Find Tigrex south of the fast-travel station in Alcala Highlands.
  • Monoblos: Alcala, Harzgai Rocky Hill — Found right between both fast-travel stations.
  • Gammoth: Loloska, Woodland — Right next to the fast-travel station.
  • Zinogre: Loloska, Laying Glacial Peaks — North of the fast-travel station, just up the path.
  • Brute Tigrex: Lamure, Sadona Barrens — A little southwest of the fast-travel station.
  • White Monoblos: Lamure, Jalma Highlands — On the north path from the fast-travel station.

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