Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Farm Money & XP Early

Want to earn plenty of Zenny and Exp in Monster Hunter Stories 2? Even if you’re just playing the demo, these methods will help you level up your monsters and get extra cash to buy up your favorite weapon types. These methods are so easy, anyone can do them — and you can import your demo save file into the main game for a head start. There’s no reason not to do a little extra farming.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a turn-based JRPG version of Monster Hunter — you’ll be able to recruit monsters (aka Monsties) to help you in your quest, exploring islands and completing an actual story. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a huge graphical improvement over the 3DS original, taking full advantage of the Nintendo Switch hardware. If you love capturing monsters and leveling them up while adventuring, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is exactly what you’re looking for. And you can give the demo a try for free anytime.

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Easy Cash & XP In The Early Game | Farming Guide

Whether you’re playing through the demo or just want to farm before getting too far in the game, these methods will help you earn fast cash and XP with minimal effort.

  • Method #1: Roly-Poly Problems – This sub-quest is repeatable, and sends you to North Kamuna Island to defeat x6 Konchu (Yellow). You’ll earn 1200 Zenny, 20 Exp, and x2 Insect Husks as a reward.

The quest takes about 2 minutes per run — including loading — and you can repeat it over and over. You can earn 12,000+ Zenny in about 20 minutes of grinding. Barely any time at all in a 50+ hour adventure. The Konchu are found on the beach directly left after leaving the village. Ride your mount and you’ll encounter them in seconds.

Once you’re high enough level, you can use Auto-Complete to end the fight faster. Normally, you’ll encounter x3 Konchu per battle phase. So complete two battles then return to the village to reap your rewards.

  • Method #2: Trial Quests – If you’re after Exp instead of Zenny, Trial Quests are one of the best way to level up your Monsters. Starter Trial Quests can be completed very quickly. They only pay out rewards once, and the rewards are pretty small compared to repeatable sub-quests, but its the fast Exp you’ll want to chase here.

The Larinoth Trial is the simplest way to just grind without thinking. If you want to get the most out of Monster Hunter Stories 2, you’ll also want to max out the Prayer Pot — dump Charms into the Prayer Pot whenever you can to increase the power of all your charms / prayers. It takes about 170 Charms, and you can go on to play through the Blue Menace quest to farm nutrients. There’s so much more to do!