Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Claim Free Kamura Garb | Bonus Armor Guide

Want a cool ninja outfit right at the start of Monster Hunter Stories 2? You can claim a free set of Layered Armor — basically a special armor type that layers over your currently equipped gear and gives you a unique look that’s all about customization. You can become a Monster Hunter Rise ninja by claiming this gear set in your starting village. But the game doesn’t exactly explain how it works — and if you’re not a Monster Hunter aficionado, you might miss out!

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How To Claim Kamura Garb | Free Armor Set

The “Kamura Garb” is a special set of Layered Armor you can unlock right at the start of Monster Hunter Stories 2. The set is based on Monster Hunter Rise, the other Monster Hunter title on the Nintendo Switch that came out earlier this year. The set gives you a very ninja style outfit that’s all one big piece — and you can customize the colors to your heart’s content.

  • How To Unlock Kamura Garb: The Kamura Garb is unlocked if you have Monster Hunter Rise save data on your Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Stories 2 will check on start-up. You don’t need complete data. Any data will do! It just has to be on the same account / Switch console.

To actually equip this set of armor, go to your House in Mahana Village. If you don’t know which one it is, your house is the between the Quest Board and the Stables — it’s like a little boat on stilts. Go inside and use the Chest to access customization features.

In the Chest menu, select Appearance, then scroll down to the Layered Armor option. Here you can select whether to equip or unequip the Kamura Armor. This armor set doesn’t change your stats at all — it is purely visual! If you want some Monster Hunter Rise flair, this is the set you’ll want to equip ASAP. It looks great when you’re just starting out and don’t have any of the cooler Monster Hunter armor sets available. And who doesn’t want to be a ninja?