Monster Hunter Rise: How To Avoid A Rare Save Game Breaking Glitch

Capcom has acknowledged the existence of an extremely rare glitch that can completely crush any progress you’ve made in Monster Hunter Rise — there’s a bug that can cause save files to fail. Obviously, that’s a very bad thing. And while this glitch is very rare, there are ways to prevent it. Specifically, you need to avoid saving certain emotes in your shortcut bar.

A fix is on the way, so if you’re affected by this glitch, all isn’t lost. Due to the nature of DLC on the Nintendo Switch, this might just be a validation issue — a patch should make your save files work once again. Because there’s only one save file per character, you’re stuck if this happens to you. So it’s probably a good idea to take these extra steps so it doesn’t happen to you.

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How To Protect Your Save File

The save game glitch in Monster Hunter Rise is related to the emotes in DLC Pack 1. If you quit your game with the “Action” or “Hurt” pose saved in your Action Bar, you will be unable to reload your save file. This may also occur if you assign these emotes to your Radial Menu.

If you don’t own the DLC Pack 1, or don’t have it downloaded, then you don’t have anything to worry about. I recommend deleting the DLC Pack 1 or waiting to download it after a patch has been issued that fixes this pretty bad glitch. You’re still free to make a new character, but you won’t be able to load the save file.

  • How To Avoid A Bricked Save: DO NOT assign the “Hurt” or “Action” emotes to your Action Bar or to your Radial Menu. If you exit the game with these emotes assigned, you won’t be able to reload.

Losing dozens of hours of progress is a scary prospect, so here’s hoping Capcom drops a patch ASAP.