Monster Hunter Rise: How To Make Wyvern Riding Easier

Wyvern Riding is a powerful new system in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing you to die on the back of any monster and deliver some powerful, crushing attacks. The game doesn’t fully explain how Wyvern Riding actually works, so we’re going to break down a few tips to make your mounted life a little easier.

After dealing enough damage to stun a monster, you’ll be able to ride it. While riding, you can pull off attacks or launch it for big damage — you’ll need to mount your stunned monster fast or it will recover. After a certain amount of time, the monster will also toss you off its back. You’ll need a Wirebug charge to mount a stunned monster. It all seems very straightforward, but there are a few hidden mechanics you really ought to know about.

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What You Need To Know About Wyvern Riding

Wyvern Riding is initiated when a monster has been stunned. Only certain types of damage will stun a monster — and you might wonder why some monsters are easy to stun, requiring only 2-3 hits, while others take 10-12. Let’s go over all the little details that should make Wyvern Riding easier for you.

How To Put Monsters Into A Ridable State

  • Monsters will only go into a Wyvern Riding state when hit with blue damage. This is stun damage, and the easiest way to apply blue damage is through Wirebug Attacks.

Wirebug attacks are guaranteed to deal blue damage. So if you want to ride a monster quickly, you’ll want to capture a +1 Wirebug in the field, then deal a few Wirebug attacks on a monster. When a monster is in a mountable state, you’ll be able to ride it for a time.

Wyvern Riding Can Help You Get Shiny Material Drops

  • By performing an attack / evade cancel while riding a monster, you can quickly earn shiny material drops from other monsters. You can get up to three shiny materials from each monster.

While attacking monsters with another monster, you’ll get shiny material drops. That makes using Wyvern Riding a very useful tool when farming materials from the monsters you want.

Using Launch To Put Monsters Into A Ridable State

  • Press [Y] to launch a monster into a wall or another monster while you’re riding. This is a very useful tool — as it will automatically put your monster back into another ridable state.

While riding monsters, you only have a certain amount of time to stay mounted. To stay mounted longer, press [Y] to ram your mounted monster into a wall, stunning it again. You can also do this to other monsters! Just be quick — the stunned state won’t last long, so quickly mount your monster before it recovers.

Why Some Monsters Are Easier To Mount Than Others

  • Your target quest monster will always be harder to Wyvern Ride than any of the other monsters on the map. The target requires 10-12 hits (depending on your weapon strength) while any other monsters on the map will only take 2-3.

Why is this important? Because you can use other monsters on the map to aid you in defeating the target monsters. Use Wirebug Attacks on the other monsters that roam around the map — the ones that aren’t your quest target — then ride them into battle against your main target. You’ll do a huge amount of damage, and can even initiate a big battle between the two monsters.