Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Way More Materials For Each Hunt | Loot Guide

Not getting enough shiny materials out of your monster hunts? Monster Hunter Rise has a few new tricks you can try to make farming monsters faster than ever. The Wyvern Riding system gives hunters a chance to mount every creature in the game, taking control and unleashing devastating attacks. You can even launch your monster into a wall for heavy damage.

The Wyvern Riding system is simple but not completely explained in-game. If you’re confused and want to know how you can use it to get way more monster materials, way faster, we’ve got a full guide on the subject below. This method was first shared by Youtuber Arekkz Gaming, and through a little testing of our own, it works very well for getting more monster parts per hunt.

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How To Earn More Monster Parts Per Hunt

To earn the maximum amount of monster materials in a single expedition, you’ll need to use the new Wyvern Mounting system — and we’re basically going to use Wyvern Mounting to kill all three monsters on each map.

On any given map, three monsters will spawn. We’re aiming to get shiny materials, which are the rare materials that drop from a monster. To guarantee shiny material drops, you’ll need to use a very specific mounted attack.

  • How To Get x3 Shiny Materials: Ride a mounted monster and then attack + evade cancel after the initial hit. This will cause a shiny material to drop. Repeat three times to get three drops.

After scoring your three rare shiny drops, launch your Wyvern Mount into your enemy monster to stun it, also putting it into a mountable state. Rush to the third monster on the field and repeat again for x3 more shiny materials. Just use an attack then evade council three times.

Launch your second monster into the third monster to stun it, making it mountable. Now you can go get shiny materials from the first monster we mounted, or defeat the second monster and harvest some more materials. In total, you can easily get x6 shiny materials from whatever monsters you want, and harvest parts from even more monsters in the field for each target hunt. There’s just a few caveats you’ll need to know about.

How To Stun Monsters & Initiate Wyvern Riding

First of all, you’ll need to learn how to stun monsters and prepare them for Wyvern Mounting. To do that, you need to use Wirebug attacks — these special attacks use a Wirebug charge and deal blue damage. Blue damage is the stun damage required to initiate a Wyvern Riding mountable state.

To make this easier, go and grab a +1 Wirebug from the field so you can initiate another Wirebug attack to stun your preferred monster. Always start with a monster you don’t want to harvest for materials. They’re the hardest to harvest, so pick the monster you care about the least — the weakest one on the map, like a Great Izuchi, is a good start.

And launching a monster into another monster is almost always a guaranteed stun. While they’re stunned, you won’t have much time — so you need to leave the shiny materials behind. You can return to the area where the shiny materials dropped later, it takes a very long time for them to disappear. Just don’t leave the map without them!

So, let’s go over the basics. Use Wirebug attacks to stun a monster and ride them — then use that monster to attack / evade cancel and score x3 shiny material drops. Launch off your mount to stun the second monster, then mount it to attack a third monster, repeating the same trick. You’ll get a ton of materials per run, but this method is really only helpful when you’re strong enough to stun monsters fairly quickly.

Give it a try! We’ve had some pretty good luck so far.