Monster Hunter Rise: Best Hunting Horn To Support Your Team

The Hunting Horn is a returning heavy weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that has a bonus special effect that’s incredibly useful when you’re in a team. The Hunting Horn doesn’t just smash enemies like a hammer — you can also play music on it. Playing the right tune will buff your allies, and using the right music at the right time completely changes how you’ll fight.

And I think we’ve found one of the best possible Hunting Horn combos. You’ll need to wait awhile before you can unlock this particular hunting horn, but we’ll explain why this is completely OP. It doesn’t increase attack damage like other Hunting Horn, but it does do something that’s even better.

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Which Hunting Horn To Use In Battle

The Hunting Horn is a great weapon to support your allies in battle. Using the Hunting Horn allows you to play songs that give different buffs, and each Hunting Horn is different. They all provide useful buffs, but this Hunting Horn might be the best for most players.

The Magia Hunting Horn is incredibly powerful when Echo’d — each time you echo your song, you’ll give your team Super Armor. That means they won’t be sent flying when hit with attacks, they’ll simply absorb the damage. Instead of dealing more damage, you’ll help your team stay in the fight and deal damage longer.

  • How To Use The Magia Hunting Horn
    • Start by playing a Bead of Resonance — a useful skill that buffs attack damage.
    • Echo your songs to heal your team for 1/3rd HP and give Super Armor for several seconds.
    • Once you’ve got Super Armor, use the Magnificent Trio combo to apply damage to your target while also healing / Super Armoring your allies.

The Magia will keep your team healed and fighting, making it one of the most basic and useful Hunting Horns in the game. The Bead of Resonance skill isn’t required, but it does help give your allies a damage boost — the Magia doesn’t buff damage like the Earthshaker does. The combination of buffs also makes the Magia a super-safe option when playing with random teams online. Everyone likes healing!

If all this doesn’t make sense to you, just check your skills and inputs on the Hunting Horn in the training area. It’s one of the more complex weapons, but it’s also really cool.

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