Monster Hunter Stories 2 is Getting Palamutes After Launch

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the latest game in the Monster Hunter series set to launch on July 9, will be getting a content update shortly after launch. This update will add Palamutes from Rise. We also got a new gameplay trailer that also reveals story details about Stories 2. Trailers for both were the highlights of the short and rather disappointing Capcom E3 showcase.

Stories 2 will have turn-based combat, differentiating itself from the mainline entries in the Monster Hunter series. A demo of Stories 2 will be available starting on June 24, and those who play the demo can transfer their saves into the main game. If you have a Rise save file on your Switch, you’ll get special armor in Stories 2, and vice versa. Special Stories 2 amiibo will also unlock other armors.

In addition to the demo, we also learned more about the story and gameplay in a new trailer. The main character, the grandchild of a hero named Red, is tasked with protecting a Rathalos given to a girl named Ena by Red’s Monstie companion, Guardian Ratha. Based on the trailer, it appears the goal of the game is to protect and raise the creature who comes out of the egg, allegedly a villainous creature of prophecy called Razewing Ratha (who bears the titular wings of ruin).

Also, the game will have crossover content with Monster Hunter Rise. Specifically, Rise’s Palamutes will be added to the game in an update on July 15 that adds the dog-equivalents to Stories 2 as a new Monstie. We also got some info on future content updates for Rise. The upcoming version 3.1 will add new quests, new armors, and new rewards. This update rolls out for Rise on June 24. Further content updates will roll out in early and late July and August.