Outriders: Where To Find Dragon Age & Bulletstorm Easter Eggs | Secrets Guide

Outriders isn’t as silly as its pedigree suggests. The game was developed by People Can Fly — and their stories are usually much less straight-laced than Outriders. Naturally, this sci-fi adventure about super-powered people blasting hundreds of bad guys is still packed with tongue-in-cheek humor, but it isn’t nearly as overt this time around. This isn’t just a big joke!

But, if you do look carefully, you’ll find a few Easter eggs waiting in the wings. There are references to Terminator 2 in the skill icons, there are weird and wild Legendary guns, and then there are references to other video games. We’re focusing on those references both big and small. There are two major Easter eggs we’ve found — one related to Bulletstorm, and one all about Dragon Age.

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Bulletstorm Easter Egg

This Eater egg actually appears all over the place, but there’s one easy instance to find in the Eagle Peaks camp. Inside the medical tent, there’s a desk with a computer — and next to the laptop, there’s a book called “Storm of Bullets“! You have to really look carefully to see it.

The Storm of Bullets book appears all over the place, making it the most popular book on Enoch. And it’s a clear reference to Bulletstorm — the irreverent FPS also developed by People Can Fly. Bulletstorm is also set on an alien planet filled with brutal monsters and insane human raiders — so Outriders really isn’t so far from that. Just like Bulletstorm, Outriders is more interested in gonzo fast-paced action than standard cover-shooter mechanics.


Dragon Age Easter Egg

This Easter egg is both more obvious and less obvious. Down in Deeprock Pass Camp, there’s a logging area employed by starving workers. The overseer of the camp is called Alistair Cullen — busy snorting something strange up his nose. His quest has nothing to do with Dragon Age, but his character name (and his optional dialogue) reveal the game’s weird intentions.

What does a strung-out addict have to do with Dragon Age? In Bioware’s fantasy RPG series, there are two Templars you’ll encounter — Alistair and Cullen. These characters are forced to take Lyrium, an addictive substance, by the powerful Chantry authorities. Basically, it’s a drug that keeps the Templars in line because it develops their natural magical talents.

In Outriders, the optional dialogue for Alistair Cullen implies that the bosses force workers to take this drug to forget they’re starving to death. Just like in Dragon Age, it’s a method to impose control on workers. Now that’s a subtle little Easter egg, and even fans of Dragon Age are going to miss it.