Outriders: Check Out All The Unique Legendary Guns We’ve Found So Far [GALLERY]

In Outriders, we’re all hungry for those Legendary guns. Each Legendary weapon has a unique model — and some of them look pretty impressive. Even if you farmed for hundreds of hours, you might never get all the Legendary guns in this game. In our quest to document everything important in Outriders, we’ve seen a whole lot of interesting, awesome Legendary weapons. So, we’re going to share all the Legendaries we’ve found so far.

So, how do you get Legendary guns? You have to increase your World Tier. Reaching the highest World Tier, WT15, is a task only the most dedicated players will manage, but it’s worth it for the increased Legendary loot drop percentage. The only way to improve your chances at getting Legendary weapons is through WT levels. And the only way to guarantee a Legendary weapon drop is by reaching WT12 — and WT14.

Legendary guns are really cool, so let’s check these suckers out.

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Legendary Weapons List [GALLERY]

Legendary Weapons are extremely rare unique guns. Think of them like Exotics in Destiny. There’s no set way to earn them, so you’ll just have to farm tough enemies and raise your World Tier as high as possible to increase your chances. Almost any enemy in the game can drop a Legendary.

Legendary Weapons all contain a unique Tier 3 mod. Dismantling the legendary will save the mod for future use.

Torment & Agony

Source: [Dreaddzo]

A fully automatic dual pistol with an ethereal blow energy scar.

The Daimyo

Source: [TempusErus~]

An impressive SMG covered in anomaly scars and hanging artifacts.

Golem’s Limb

Source: [TempusErus~]

A rocky, ethereal pump action shotgun that looks perfect with your Devastator.

Aerie Master

Source: [Fryka]

A regally adorned pump action shotgun for Outriders that like a little class.


Source: [Boras]

An intimidating auto shotgun with a large shield, giving this shotgun a very unique (and sci-fi) silhouette.

Funeral Pyre

Source: [yahir42035]

A festively adorned automatic shotgun, perfect for hunting cultists in the jungle.

The Migraine

Source: [MookieV]

A disgusting SMG made of meat and bones. Makes any enemy killed transform into an anomaly bomb.

Rarog’s Gaze

Source: [Cr1ticalSpectre]

An alien rifle made of strange chiton material, with a glowing purple core. Spooky!


Source: [Miles_Mhunter]

A sleek, futuristic automatic sniper rifle with a slick barrel design.

The Iceberg

Source: [Govetrahon]

A chilly legendary bolt action rifle with serious damage against frozen enemies.

Molten Eidola

Source: [voztokk]

A gothic, twisted rifle with a burning barrel generating Slow effects when reloading.

The Landlubber

Source: [Owl]

An impressive old-school bolt action rifle. Want to feel like a high seas marksman in the age of piracy?

Heir To The Desert

Source: [Haseo]

A mysterious, complex desert artifact assault rifle.

Amber Vault

Source: [songogu]

A bizarre double gun covered in alien meat and bones.

Lucky Jinx

Source: [Miss Anthropy]

Another Double Gun covered in cultist regalia.


Source: [BeefyTacoLips]

A frightening bone assault rifle with hanging jaw that summons lightning bolts from the sky with every shot.

This is just a fraction of all the legendary guns out there! Check back soon for more.