Outriders: How To Transfer Weapon Mods Between Characters

Loot is the beating heart of Outriders, and right from the start of the game, you can swap your gear around and share it with all your other character slots. Doing it is easy — dropping items into your Stash automatically makes those items available to everyone in your roster. If you find a gun or armor piece that’s perfect for your Devastator but isn’t so great for your Trickster, you’re free to swap that stuff around.

There’s one big drawback to the system. You can’t share weapon mods — or at least, it doesn’t seem like you can. Weapon Mods are powerful upgrades that synergize with your skills. The right Weapon Mods can turn an alright gun into an unstoppable death-dealing machine. It is possible to get Weapon Mods for the class you’re not currently playing as, and Weapon Mods are available to characters of any level.

Basically, swapping Weapon Mods between characters is possible with this simple trick.

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How To Transfer Weapon Mods

Transferring Weapon Mods is very easy. You already know that weapons can be transferred through the Stash. Placing an item in your stash makes that item available to all your characters — the Stash is shared by all characters on your account.

  • To transfer Weapon Mods, apply the mod you want to a gun you don’t want through the crafting menu. Put that weapon in the stash, then swap to your character. Grab it out the stash and break it down. When you breakdown weapons, you recover the Weapon Mods — by installing Weapon Mods into weapons, you can easily transfer them to other characters.

Now the one big limitation of the stash is basically destroyed. Sure, this seems like an obvious trick you can do — but we’ve honestly been surprised by how many people didn’t realize this was possible. Even the other writers at Gameranx didn’t know! So we’re putting this little tip here for everyone. Transferring weapon mods is easier than trying to reach World Tier 10 on solo.