Outriders: 10 Details You Need To Know | Beginner’s Guide

Outriders is a game that gets right into the action. Sure, there’s a lengthy little prologue — but everything else is all-out-action gameplay. It’s almost old-school in its dedication to linear shooting. This game is so streamlined, we’re going to streamline two handfuls of tips. No salad here — this is just the meat.

Outriders is a pretty straightforward looter-shooter that’s also nothing at all like Destiny, Division, or other live-service games. This thing is just pure video game, and packed with extremely game-y systems that aren’t all fully explained. Instead of walking you through the basics, we’re going to share 10 straightforward tips we’ve taken after sitting down with the game for plenty of hours.

And even still, I’d recommend browsing the tutorials in the pause menu. The game is packed with tutorial screens you probably missed your first time through.

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10 Beginner Tips | Stuff We Wish We Knew

  • All four classes can be incredibly powerful. Each class heals in a different way.
    • Pyromancers kill with fire.
    • Technomancers heal by dealing any damage at all. Technomancers start out weak but become incredibly strong once you have all the upgrades.
    • Devastators are tanks that can eventually Reflect Bullets to kill everything without even trying. All classes are viable.
  • Weapons mods of the same type don’t stack. Even if they have different titles, if they have the same effect, the effect will not stack.
  • There’s no reason to dismantle common loot. Selling or dismantling common loot gives you the same resource — scrap. Selling loot will give you almost quadruple the amount of scrap.
  • You can turn reduce camera shake during cutscenes in the Settings. Look for the “Increase Camera Smoothness in Cutscenes” setting.
  • Turn in all your quests before lowering World Tier. If you lower World Tier while a quest is active, even if you’re not currently doing that quest, you’ll get a lower World Tier reward.
  • In your inventory, press [R3] to mark junk for quick-selling at any vendor. You can also mass mark gear according to rarity — you can mark Common, Uncommon, or Rares to save your thumb.
  • Want to try out all the different classes? After completing the Prologue and reaching the Class Select menu, you’ll be able to make new characters are start right from that point on.
  • Each status effect has a specific unique effect, and knowing them can save your life.
    • Fire can be put out by dodge-rolling.
    • Toxic is cured if any healing status is applied.
    • Bleed can’t be cured, but you will only take bleed damage when moving. Stand still or take cover to negate it.
    • Use melee attacks to break free of Ash or Freeze.
  • Every class has a special AOE melee attack that is triggered when running. This move is powerful, can stun, and applies your healing effect. Use it often!
  • Matchmaking is ON by default. If you don’t want random players to join you — and they will — go to your Matchmaking Settings and change them to Friends Only.

And there’s still so much more to know. We’ll be diving deep into Outriders, so watch this space for many more guides.